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The Weight Watchers @ Work is proving to be rather successful at our HSD Maywood Campus location. The Maywood campus began their Weight Watchers @ Work program in June 2011 and has grown to 40 members. Since the start of the program the Maywood participants have lost a total of 1200 pounds. 40 members losing 1200 pounds, in one year, that number is fantastic! We want to congratulate the Maywood Campus and encourage all participants to remain steadfast towards their goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Remember it is never too late to sign-up and start the program. If you have an incredible Weightloss story that you would like to tell, please submit your story to hr-wtc@luc.edu.


Employee Portal URL: https://wellness.weightwatchers.com

Company ID is:  58215

Company Passcode is: WW58215

*The reimbursement cost of a Weight Watchers® – type program is a Taxable Fringe Benefit that is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Your reimbursement will be received via check however the amount reimbursed will be included as taxable income on your paycheck.  All reimbursement request disbursed in 2015 will count towards the 2015 maximum reimbursement amount of $200.00.




We now will have Weight Watcher's Lunchtime programs at 1 of our campus'. In order to keep the Weight Watchers at Work meetings we must have steady membership at our weekly meetings. We highly encourage current At Work participants to continuously attend the weekly meetings and spread the word if you wish to keep the convenience of on campus meetings.

Health Sciences Division:


**Due to low participation, Weight Watchers meetings have been canceled at the Water Tower Campus and Lakeshore Campus.**