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University Walking Challenge

What: The University Walking Challenge is back!

When: Registration opens April 1st! The Challenge will run from May 6th – June 16th.

Where: Everywhere! Log those steps and miles everywhere you go!

How: After you have signed up, log your steps and miles on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website walkingworks.com starting May 6th!

If you do not own a pedometer, you can use websites like mapmyrun.com and logyourrun.com to determine distances walked.

Who: The University Walking Challenge is open to Faculty and Staff only. Spouses, children and other dependents as well as student workers are excluded from participation.


 How Do I Sign-Up?

To start the process, visit Walking Works. On the site, click on “Register” and follow the directions below.

  1. Select plan: Illinois, Blue Cross Blue Shield>
  2. Select group: Loyola University Chicago
  3. Select Program: Loyola University Walking Challenge
  4. Select an LUC team: Choose one of the LUC departments/schools or Central Administration (a catch-all for small departments/schools staff members)
  5. Lastly, fill out your contact information


If you participated in the challenge last year, you will have to sign up again. Because other universities in the area will not be participating in the challenge this year, please sign up with your department. Small departments will sign up under the Central Administration option.

At the end of the challenge, the top five participants who logged the most miles will win a prize along with some much deserved recognition. There will also be a weekly drawing for a prize if you have 1.) logged miles for the week and 2.) “liked” the LUC Benefits Facebook or start following LUCBenefits on Twitter.

For updates and information follow us on Facebook LUCBenefits or Twitter at LUCBenefits!!

Check out these other helpful links for information on other walk/runs in Chicago this summer  as well as other resources to use to track your steps!

2013 Summer Walks and Runs

Track Your Steps 2013

The top five individuals who log the most mileage will receive the following prizes:

Walking and running will count towards the Walking Challenge. Biking, rollerblading, swimming, etc. do not count. Once you have signed up with a department, you cannot change departments.


*Note, you are allowed to join the University Walking Challenge after May 6th, however, you will not be allowed to back log miles or steps in the Challenge.*
University Walking Challenge Winners List:

Week 1(Bagel Breakfast)
Department: LUMA
-Jonathan Canning
-Heather Nash

Week 2($25 gift card)
Megan Kelleher 

Week 3(Red Mango & Hershey's Bars)
Department: Undergraduate Admissions
-Courtney Lokken
-Suzy Magnuson

Week 4($25 gift card)
Sarah Dysart

Random T-Shirt Drawing:
Ray Tennison
Kyra Calhoun
Susan Graham
Melissa O'brock

Week 5 (Water Bottle & AMC gift card)
WTC: Abe Cortes
LSC: Partricia Mooney-Melvin
HSD: Donna Karl

Week 6

Highest Average Miles: Pamela Costas (Boat Tour)

Highest Total Miles: Gabrielle Annala (Boat Tour)

Top Walker: Alfred Perez (Starlin Castro Autographed Picture)


Top Walkers Overall!
1) Abe Cortes

2) Yolande Wersching

3) Alfred Perez

4) Susan Graham

5) Marilyn Mui


Total Participants: 329

Total Miles:  25,666.25 miles