Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Post-Offer Physical and Drug/Alcohol Screening


As a condition of employment, all individuals who are offered and accept employment in a staff position must be physically and mentally able to perform the essential functions of the position in a safe and appropriate manner free from the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol. This remains true during the duration of employment as outlined in our Fitness for Duty Policy:  http://www.luc.edu/hr/policies/policy_fitness.shtml. This policy establishes guidelines for post-offer physicals and drug screening for staff positions as specified in this policy.


This policy applies to individuals at Loyola University Chicago who have received an offer of employment or transfer into a position where concern for safety for self and/or others is a priority and applies to, but not limited to, the following faculty & staff classifications:

Clinical Research Nurse; Research
Assistants/Associates, Animal Care
Techs or others with animal contact;
Preschool Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Physical, TB Test,
Drug Screen and/
or Tetanus
Staff positions such as: nurse, nurse
practitioner, certified medical assistant,
med tech, social worker, psychologist,
dietician, and health educator
TB Test and Drug
Screen (or as
required by clinic
or site requirements)
Positions related to Campus Safety,
Facilities Management and Transportation
such as: Lieutenants, Sergeants, Police,
Security & Telecommunication officers,
Locksmith, Security Systems Manager,
Information Assistants and Monitors;
Chief & Assistant Chief Engineers,
Operating Engineers, Engineer Trainees,
Maintenance Mechanics/Checkers,
Service Technicians, Electricians, Plumbers,
Grounds Service Workers and Custodians;
Bus Drivers
Drug Screen

This listing will be modified as needed.  Immunizations and testing are defined by position held or type of animal involvement and identified by HR representative during the post-offer hiring process. 

In addition, positions such as technicians and lab assistants may be subject to environmental and/or bio safety assessments as required


All offers of employment are made by the Human Resources Department.

A post-offer physical and drug/alcohol screening will be scheduled with Occupational Health within 24 hours of the offer and acceptance of employment.  Extenuating circumstances will require approval by the Vice President of the area and Vice President of Human Resources.  No individual may begin employment before the successful completion of the drug/alcohol screening.  Failure to pass the physical and drug/alcohol screening will result in the withdrawal of the employment offer.

Results of the physical examination and drug/alcohol screening will be communicated by Occupational Health to Human Resources.  Human Resources will inform the individual of the results.

Documentation of the results of the physical and the drug/alcohol screening will remain in Occupational Health.  A Medical Review Officer will be available in Occupational Health to review the results with the individual tested.

Notification of this policy will be made to applicants for employment through posting.

Responsible Party

Human Resources will be responsible for following the established protocol for post-offer physicals and drug screening.  Any questions or concerns regarding this policy should be addressed to the Director of Human Resources, Loyola University Chicago.


Medical Records are protected by state and federal confidentiality laws and Loyola policy. The medical records for a post-offer physical and/or drug screening will be maintained in the offices of Employee/Student Health (Health Sciences Division), another approved testing facility or medical provider. Medical records will not be released to unauthorized personnel without the employee’s written consent or subpoena in accordance with state and federal laws.

Revised 06/06/14