Loyola University Chicago

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"....I learned a great deal from those in the program, and that even as the mentor, my experience really helped me with furthering my own professional development."
-Kathleen Steinfels, LUC & ME Mentor

Congratulations on deciding to participate in LUC & ME. Mentoring is truly a life-changing experience!

LUC & ME will provide support to participants through:


Regularly scheduled workshops focus on a different aspect of the mentoring experience. From understanding the importance of goal-setting to learning about the phases of a mentoring partnership, you'll get the knowledge you need for an enjoyable experience.

Web Pages

The program web pages contain information on: the schedule of events, recommended readings, suggested activities and more.


The LUC & ME Program Coordinator is ready to assist you in any way she can. Whether you have a confidential concern about the program or want to share a suggestion for a mentor/mentee activity, contact the Program Coordinator and she will respond with a personal phone call or email message.


If requested, current program participants will receive a book on mentoring to guide their progress. Because quantities are limited, this is on a first requested, first served, basis.

Ideas on how to get started

LUC & ME has compiled a list of activities, you and your mentor/mentee can do together to start building a relationship. See our list of 31 Days of Creative Ideas , choose your favorites or try them all for a fun experience.

Upcoming Events

LUC & ME will facilitate several workshops and events that will help you and your mentor/mentee learn more about each other. Click here to view our list of events.