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The tuition benefit is applied after you have registered for your courses. If you make any changes to your enrollment AFTER the benefit has been applied to your student account please contact Edward Moore emoore@luc.edu to alert him of the changes so your benefit amount can be adjusted accordingly. Graduate students please keep in mind that any changes to your courses after the benefit has been applied or any delay in the receipt of your FAFSA form may have an impact on your taxable income for that current semester/quarter. When dropping courses please contact Edward Moore immediately so that notification is sent to our HRIS department so your taxable income can be adjusted if eligible. Employees are strongly encouraged to adhere to the university’s add/drop/withdrawal policy.

  1. Undergraduate Students: Tuition Benefit pays 100% of tuition which only covers the max amount of 3 courses (but no more than 9 semester hours) per semester. Employees are financially responsible for tuition and fees not covered by the Tuition Benefit Policy. *For students who wish to enroll in the J-Term please see below. Undergraduate Tuition Benefit is non-taxable.
  2. Graduate Students: Tuition Benefit pays 100% of tuition which covers a maximum of two courses per semester/quarter (no more than 8 semester/quarter hours). The School of Medicine, The School of Law, Continuum Program Non-Credit Courses, Executive Education Programs, Executive MBA cohort program and any other program that is not conferred at Loyola University Chicago are ineligible for the Tuition Benefit. Please check with the College associated with each course to determine where the degree is conferred. Graduate program students who need to complete undergrad courses as a prerequisite requirement for their Graduate program the undergrad courses taken will fall under the limitations of the Graduate program policy. *For students that choose to enroll in the J-Term please see below.
  3. Graduate Tuition Benefit is Taxable. Federal law currently makes graduate Tuition Benefit provided in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year subject to federal and state income tax, as well as social security withholdings. Graduate Tuition Benefit received in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year is imputed as income and taxed based on current income tax tables and tax bracket. Additional tax withholdings for this taxable Tuition Benefit will be taken from paychecks during the course of the academic term for which Tuition Benefits apply.

*Please check with the program to make sure that the tuition is charged during the J-Term semester and not the Spring semester. If tuition for the J-Term courses are charged during the Spring Semester you will only receive the benefit for 3 courses per semester/9 credit hours for Undergrad Studies and 2 courses/8 quarter hours allowed for Graduate Studies. Any course load above policy limits will be the financial responsibility of the student enrolled. Programs are subject to change at anytime so please contact your program prior to enrolling in classes. Human Resources is not responsible for errors on syllabi concerning the semester or quarter courses are taught.