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Weight Watchers Program

Stories of Success

The Weight Watchers @ Work is proving to be rather successful at our HSD Maywood Campus location. The Maywood campus began their Weight Watchers @ Work program in June 2011 and has grown to 40 members. Since the start of the program the Maywood participants have lost a total of 1200 pounds. 40 members losing 1200 pounds, in one year, that number is fantastic! We want to congratulate the Maywood Campus and encourage all participate to remain steadfast towards their goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Remember it is never to late to sign-up and start the program. If you have an incredible Weightloss story that you would like to tell submit your story to hr-wtc@luc.edu.

Stay on track with Weight Watchers Quickbites

By now you may have heard of our brand new program, Beyond The Scale, and new food plan, Smart Points. If you don't already have a meeting at your location, call me today to find out how to get one started.

What is Quickbites? We've created this resource for you to send out to your employees (i.e. a current Weight Watchers group or all your employees for healthy tips and information).

With New Year's just days away, it's a great time to celebrate. And Weight Watchers is here to help with strategies for coping with any hectic-ness you might be facing, as well as some recipes that can hold their own at any holiday feast.

We start with Have a Holiday Game Plan, because we all know that the sugar and carb and saturated fat elves are lying in wait, ready to come out when we’re most vulnerable. Show ‘em who’s boss with the seven strategies we’ve outlined for you.

Even in the middle of holiday madness you can find your peaceful, serene place. Check out our yoga-focused article Strong and Calm for stretching, strengthening exercises you can do when you like; no studio required.

Love holiday food. Who doesn’t? But, as we at Weight Watchers tend to do, we’ve shakily lightened up a couple of classics so you can dive right into the spirit of the season without sending your calorie count skyrocketing.

We start with a creamy, Spinach-Parmesan Dip. Imagine all that cheesy, gooey deliciousness with a healthy portion of spinach, too. And with a SmartPoints value per serving of 2.

And how about a five-minute-to-prep main course that combines your favorite Christmas flavors? Our Cranberry-Orange Glazed Ham will proudly take center-stage on your holiday table, and will not reveal to your guests that an entire serving only has a SmartPoints value of 5. Oh yes!

Wishing you a happy new year!

What's happening in the meeting room in January?

January weekly topics are:

Happy workouts and happy eating. If you don't already have a meeting at your location, contact hr-wtc@luc.edu today to find out how to get one started. Each location needs at least 20 participants to start and maintain at work meetings.

If you would like to sign up for Weight Watchers free healthy newsletter, to come directly to your inbox, click on the link below.


updated 12.30.2015

About the Program

Employee Portal URL: https://wellness.weightwatchers.com/
Employer ID is: 58215
Company Passcode is: WW58215

There was another portal listed for Lakeside employees which

*The reimbursement cost of a Weight Watchers®—type program is a Taxable Fringe Benefit that is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Your reimbursement will be received via check however the amount reimbursed will be included as taxable income on your paycheck. All reimbursement request disbursed in 2016 will count towards the 2016 maximum reimbursement amount of $200 and the same for 2017 reimbursements. Membership rates increased in November 2015. Reimbursement amount and membership rates can change at anytime.



Weight Watchers Reimbursement Form (2016)

Weight Watchers Work Meetings

Due to low participation on our Lakeshore and Water Tower campuses we no longer have Weight Watchers at Work meetings. In order to keep the Weight Watchers at Work meetings we must have steady membership at our weekly meetings. We highly encourage current At Work participants to continuously attend the weekly meetings and spread the word if you wish to keep the convenience of on campus meetings.

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