Loyola University Chicago

Department of History


Graduate Students Win Competitive Fellowships


Congratulations to PhD candidates Steven Catania, Anthony DiLorenzo, John Krenzke, and Peter Kotowski who have won highly competitive fellowships for the coming academic year.

Peter Kotowski has been awarded a fellowship from the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.  The McNeil Center is the preeminent center for the study of Early America in the nation.  Peter, who has a BA from the University of Pittsburgh, will work in Philadelphia on his dissertation, "The Best Poor Man's Country?: Indentured Servitude in Pennsylvania, 1681-1776".

Steven Catania and John Krenzke have been awarded Arthur Schmitt fellowships from the Graduate School.  Schmitt Fellowships provide no-service, final year funding to PhD students finishing their dissertations.  Steven, who has a BA from Western Illinois University and a MA from the University of Chicago, will complete the work on his dissertation, "Brandy Nan and Farmer George -- Constitutional Monarchy and Public Perceptions of Health." John, who has a BA from the University of Minnesota and a MA from the University of Chicago, will complete the work on his dissertation, “Change is Brewing: The Industrialization of the Beer-Brewing Industry, 1500-1750”.

Anthony Di Lorenzo has been awarded an Advanced Doctoral Fellowship from the Graduate School.  This fellowship will allow Anthony, who has a BA from DePaul University and an MA from Northeastern Illinois University,  to work on his dissertation, "The Cosmopolitan Moment: American Political Associations and Atlantic Radicalism, 1789-1801", without any service requirements over the 2013-14 academic year.