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Graduate Placements


Loyola accepts a small number of Ph.D. students every year and works to place them in tenure-track, teaching, and public history positions across the nation.  From 2000 to 2013, 62 students received Loyola doctoral degrees in History.  Of the 62 recipients, 11 currently hold tenure-track appointments, 29 others hold full-time teaching or administrative appointments in educational institutions, and 11 other hold full-time positions in public history or cultural institutions. 

Loyola Ph.Ds in tenure-track and tenured positions include: David Blanke, Professor, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi; Laura Milsk Fowler, Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville;  Timothy Neary, Associate Professor, Salve Regina University; Jason Stacy, Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Matthew Szromba, Associate Professor, Marian University; and Andrew Witt, Associate Professor and Department chair, Edgewood College.


Devin V. Hunter
Assistant Professor of American and Public History, University of Illinois Springfield
Dissertation: "Growing Diversity: Urban Renewal, Gentrification, and Community Activism in Uptown Chicago, 1945-1981"


Steven J. Catania
Adjunct Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "Brandy Nan and Farmer George: Constitutional Monarchy and Public Perceptions of Health"

William Cavert
M.A. History, Loyola University; Ph.D. History, Northwestern University
Assistant Professor of Early Modern British and European History, St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN.

John R. Krenzke
Adjunct Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "Change Is Brewing: The Industrialization of the Brewing Industry in England, 1550-1750"


Domenico R. Ferri
Assistant Professor of History/Social Science Department Chairperson, Harold Washington College
Funk My Soul: The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Birth of Funk Culture"

Patrick R. Mallory
Senior Manager of Library and Instructional Resources, Meramec Campus of St. Louis Community College
Dissertation: "The Game They All Played: Chicago Baseball 1876-1906"

Jilana Ordman
Adjunct Instructor at Benedictine University, Lisle, IL
Dissertation: "Feeling Like a Holy Warrior: Authors' Attributions of Emotion as Evidence of Actors' Motives for Violence in Tenth Through Early twelfth Century Western Narrative and Epistolary Accounts of Military Conflicts"

Stella A. Ress
Assistant Professor of History, University of Southern Indiana
Dissertation: "Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May? Gold Diggers, Sugar Daddies, and Age-Disparate Relationships in the United States, 1890"

Jennifer Searcy
Director of the Great lakes Naval Museum
Dissertation: "The Voice of the Negro: African American Radio, WVON, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Chicago"

Megan Stout Sibbel
Curatorial Historian, Salisbury House and Gardens
Dissertation: "Reaping the Colored Harvest': The Catholic Mission in the American South"

Albert W. Vogt III
Lecturer, University of South Florida
Dissertation: "The Costumed Catholic: Catholics, Whiteness, and the Movies, 1928-1973"


Alexandra DeMonte Michaelides
User Experience Researcher at Flywheel, Bay Area, CA
Dissertation: "Redefining Sisterhood: The New Nuns, Laywomen and Catholic Feminist Activism, 1953-1994"

Sarah E. Doherty
Assistant Professor, North Park University
Dissertation: "Aliens Found in Waiting: Women of the Ku Klux Klan in Suburban Chicago, 1870-1930"

Susan Garneau
Dissertation: "Imprisoning Chicago: Incarceration, the Chicago City Council, Prisoners, and Reform, 1832-1915"

Thomas A. Greene
Lecturer, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "Emotional Standards, Liturgical Celebration and the Monks of Saint-Germain (Auxerre), 840-908"

Brian Jolet
Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Dissertation: "Wet Chicago: Prohibition and the Development of the Informal Alcohol Economy, 1919-1933"

Dejan Kralj
Assistant Professor of Post-1945 U.S. Social/Cultural History/Studies at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Dissertation: "Transnational Nationalism & the Transformation of South Slavic Immigrant Identity in Chicago, 1890-1941"

Ronald P. Martin
Associate Director, GPEM Operations, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "Flowers in Chicago: Counterculture in Chicago in the 1960s"


Stephen C. Bruner
Dissertation: "Press and Parliament, Liberalism and Colonialism:  Italy's 1891 Livraghi Affair and the Waning of the Civilizing Mission"

Kevin Kaufmann
Pre-Health, Pre-Law Advising, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "Rigorous Honesty: A Cultural History of Alcoholics Anonymous, 1935-1960"

Elizabeth Matelski
Postdoctoral Fellow, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "The Color(s) of Perfection:  The Feminine Body, Beauty Ideals, and Identity in Postwar America, 1945-1970" 

Maria F. Reynolds
Historic Interpreter, Staatsburgh State Historic Site
Dissertation: "Doing History in the Adirondacks:  Interpreting the Park, the People, and the Landscape"

Cord A. Scott
Lecturer, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation: "Comics and Conflict: War and Patriotically Themed Comics in American Cultural History from World War II through Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Adam D. Shprintzen
Assistant Professor of History, Marywood University
Dissertation: "Abstention to Consumption: The Development of American Vegetarian Identity, 1817-1917"


Angela Fritz
Associate Professor and Assistant Head of Special Collections, University of Arkansas-Fayetville
Dissertation: "Ten Cents a Dance: Taxi Dancers, A Living Wage, and the Sexual Politics of Women's Work, 1912-1952"

L. Jon Grogan
VP, Lead Sourcing Specialist, PNC Financial Group
Dissertation: "From Subject to Citizen:  Tarleton Bates and the Evolution of Republican Man on the Pennsylvania Frontier"

Elizabeth Hoffman Ransford
History Consultant
Dissertation: "Sacred Spaces, Public Places: The Intersection of Religion and Space in Three Chicago Communities, 1869-1932"

Jason R. Myers
Faculty/Staff Support Specialist & Operations Coordinator, Department of Mathematics, University of Denver
Dissertation: "'A Land Fit for Heroes'?: The Great War, Memory, Popular Culture, and Politics in Ireland Since 1914"

Published as The Great War and Memory in Irish Culture, 1918 -2010(Academica Press, LLC, Cambridge Station Palo Alto, 2012).


Rae M. Bielakowski
Freelance Writer/Editor
Dissertation: "You Are in the World: Catholic Campus Life at Loyola University Chicago, Mundelein College, and De Paul University, 1924-1950"

Jennifer R. Bridge
Curator, The Naper Settlement Museum
Dissertation: "Tourist Attractions, Souvenirs, and Civil War Memory in Chicago, 1861-1915"

Kirsten M. DeVries
Visiting Assistant Professor, Roanoke College
Dissertation: "Episcopal Identity in Merovingian Gaul, A.D. 397-700"

Marc A. Dluger
Dissertation:  "A Regimental Community: The Men of the 82nd Illinois Infantry Before, During and After the American Civil War"

Alfonzo Greene, Jr.
Lecturer, Oakwood University
Dissertation: "[Black] Regional Conferences in the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) Compared with United Methodist [Black] Central Jurisdiction/Annual Conferences with White SDA Conferences, 1940-2001"

Troy Henderson
Michigan Iron Industry Museum
Dissertation: "Shanty-boys, Lumberjacks, and Loggers:  A Social and Cultural History of the Upper Great Lakes Woodsworkers"

Frances Howard Mitilineos
Instructor, Oakton Community College
Dissertation: "Christians and Jews in Thirteenth-Century England:  Confrontation and Cooperation 1189-1290"


J. Derek Halvorson
President of Covenant College 
Dissertation: "Religion and Reformation:  Johannes Justus Lansperger, O. Cart. (1489/90-1539) and the Sixteenth-Century 'Religious' Question"

Mark Long
Lecturer, University of Central Florida
Dissertation: "Cultivating a New Order:  Reconstructing Florida's Postbellum Frontier"

Michael Nicholsen
Associate Professor (tenure-track), Oakton Community College
Dissertation: "'Auld Sod' and New Turf:  Entertainment, Nationalism, and Identity in the Irish Traditional Music Community of Chicago, 1868-1999"

Angela Schlater
Owns the history consulting firm, Preserve
Dissertation: "Flaming Youth: Gender in 1920s Hollywood"

Claudette Tolson
Assistant Professor of Online History (tenure-track), Georgia Perimeter College
Dissertation: "The Excluded and the Included: Chicago, White Supremacy and the Clubwomen's Movement, 1873-1915" 

Alan Zola
Instructor, College of DuPage
Dissertation: "Radbertus's Monasic Voice: Ideas about Monasticism at Ninth-Century Corbie"


Patrick Jennings 
Assistant Professor/Deputy Director, Center for Oral History, United States Military Academy, West Point
Dissertation:  "Clio's Drumbeat:  Gathering and Using History in Wartime"

Cranston Knight
Instructor, Malcolm X College of Chicago
Board Member of the Chicago United Nations organization
Dissertation:  "When War was no longer unthinkable:  American Perception of and reaction to Japan prior to Pearl Harbor"


Timothy N. Lacy
Dissertation:  "Making a Democratic Culture:  The Great Books Idea, Mortimer J. Adler and Twentieth-Century America"

Elizabeth Myers
Director of the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor & Urban Affairs at Wayne State University
Dissertation:  "Burning Bras, Long Hairs & Dashikis:  The Personal Politics of American Culture, 1950-1975"

Jan Nash
Owns the history consulting firm, Tallgrass Historians L.C.
Dissertation:  "Hinterland or Heartland:  Survival of the Midwest Small Town, 1850-1990" 

Justin Pettegrew
Assistant Professor, Shorter College in Rome Georgia
Dissertation:  "Onward Christian Soldiers:  The Transformation of Religion, Masculinity, and Class in the Chicago YMCA, 1857-1933"

Jason Stacy
Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Dissertation:  "Containing Multitudes:  Walt Whitman's Three Personas in the New Market Economy"

Published as Walt Whitman's Multitudes: Labor Reform and Persona in Whitman's Journalism and the First Leaves of Grass, 1840-1855 (New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 2008).


Constance Buckley
Lecturer, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation:  "Searching for Fort Dearborn:  Perception, Commemoration and Celebration of an Urban Creation Memory"

David Groeninger
Instructor, Grayslake Community College
Dissertation:  "Imagining Chicago:  The Role of Newspaper Columnists in Creating a City of the Mind, 1890-1930"

John Leazer 
Visiting Assistant Professor, Carthage College
Dissertation:  "The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Scottish Herring Fishery:  The Effects of the 1707 Treaty of Union on the Scottish Economy and Early Modern Britain"

Catherine Maybrey
Graduate Career Strategist, School of Graduate Studies
McMaster University
Dissertation:  "From Onanism to Orgasm:  Masturbation, Medicine and Gender in America, 1646-1960"

Andrew Witt
Associate Professor, Edgewood College
Dissertation:  "Picking Up the Hammer': The Community Programs and Services of the Black Panther Party with Emphasis on the Milwaukee Branch, 1966-1977"

Published as The Black Panthers in the Midwest: The Community Programs and Services of the Black Panther Party in Milwaukee, 1966-1977 (New York: Routledge, 2007).


Jerry L. Foust
Dissertation:  "Our Town, Their Town:  Community and Tourism South Haven, Michigan, 1830-1930"

Elizabeth Fraterrigo
Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Dissertation:  "Entertainment for Men:  Playboy, Masculinity and Postwar American Culture"

Published as Playboy and the Making of the Good Life in Modern America (Oxford University, 2009).

Laura E. Milsk
Assistant Professor, Department of Historical Studies
Director, Museum Studies Program, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Dissertation:  "Meet me at the Station:  The Culture and Aesthetics of Chicago's Railroad Terminals, 1871-1930"

Timothy B. Neary
Assistant Professor, Salve Regina University
Dissertation:  "Crossing Parochial Boundaries:  African-Americans and Interracial Catholic Social Action in Chicago, 1914-1954"

Scott A. Newman
Educational Testing Service
Dissertation:  "Boundless Pleasures:  Young Chicagoans, Commercial Amusements, and the Revitalization of Urban Life, 1900-1930"

Temple Tsenes
Adjunct Professor, Benedictine University
Dissertation:  "I am the Utterance of My Name:  Black Victorian Feminist Discourse and Intellectual Enterprise at the Columbian Exposition, 1893"

Published as I Am the Utterance of My Name: Black Victorian Feminist Discourse and Intellectual Enterprise at the Columbian Exposition, 1893 (IUniverse, 2006)


Rev. William T. Corcoran, Jr.
Chairman of the Associations of Chicago Priests and Faculty member at Quigley South High School
Dissertation:  "Imagining a Future:  The Reassertion of Irish Identity"

Matthew P. Szromba
Assistant Professor, Henderson State University
Dissertation:  "The Wicked Man shall not abide in my House:  The Courts of the Verge and the English Monarchy, 1660-1760"

Anne Michele Wingenter
Adjunct Professor, Loyola University Chicago, Rome Center
Dissertation:  "The Dead are passing:  The Association of Mothers and Widows of the 'Fallen' in Fascist Italy"


Malachy R. McCarthy, O.S.B
Archvist, Claretian Missionaries Archives, Catholic Library Association
Dissertation:  "Which Christ Came to Chicago:  Catholic and Protestant Programs to Evangelize, Socialize and Americanize the Mexican Immigrant, 1900-1940"


Lori Witt
Associate Professor, Central College of Iowa
Dissertation:  "More than a 'Slaving Wife': The Limits and Possibilities of Womanhood for Conservative Protestant College Women in the 1920's and 1930's"


Jeffrey T. Brierton
Principal, Round Lake High School
Dissertation:  "War on Two Fronts Vietnam and the Heartland.  A Study of the Effect of the Vietnam War on an American Community 1965-1973"

Michael O'Malley
Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Norbert College
Dissertation:  "Local Relief during the Great Irish Famine, 1845-1850:  The Case of County Mayo" 


David Blanke
Professor, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Catherine Candy
Associate Professor, University of New Orleans


Eileen McMahon
Associate Professor, Lewis University


Graduates of the masters program have gone on to work in the fields of education as teachers at the high school and community college levels and as educational/historical consultants in private business and government.  Many have also gone on to pursue further study at the doctoral level.  Our graduates have been accepted for Ph.D. study at Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University, and Boston College, among others , as well as, of course, Loyola University Chicago. 

Graduates of the masters program in public history have taken positions as curators, archivists, librarians and consultants at public and private organizations in Chicago and across the country.  These organizations include the Pritkzer Military Library, National Parks Service, the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, the USS Constitution Museum, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University, the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography at the Newberry Library, the Archdioceses of Chicago and Seattle, the Winnetka Historical Society, the Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois, the Chicago Metro History Education Center, the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities and the archives of the Washington University School of Medicine.


Konnie Argyropoulos

I am currently working at Highland Park Historical Society, IDN-Hoffman, Fort Sheridan, and Wiss Janney Elstner Associates.You would think that with 4 temp jobs, I would have found something permanent...

Siera Heavner

I am now working as the Curator at the Winnetka Historical Society and also as a freelance web developer and designer locally in Chicago.

Rachel Ramirez

Hired as the Museum Assistant at the Wilmette Historical Museum.



Charles Wilkins

I am currently working for the City of Aurora in their Planning & Zoning Division. Most of my duties and focus involve working with the city's historic districts.

Steve Bruner

I guess I fall in the category of "independent scholar" at the moment. I have an article that has been accepted for publication in early 2014 (European History Quarterly), another article in process, and a book proposal submitted to a publisher for initial evaluation.

Marc Dluger

I'm still here in the Washington, D.C., area, teaching a couple online classes through College of DuPage each semester, and doing the occasional historical consulting work for Terry Fife's History Works company.

Yekta Noyan

I am working at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Balkans desk as Chief of Section. Sometimes I get to lecture on the Balkans.

Liz Trantowski

I am working at History Works, and I've been here full time for three years. Most of my work is connected to the family history projects we have, although I also do some research for our legal clients and a handful of other different clients.

Rochelle Caruthers

I am currently working as an Associate Historian on the Over There: Missouri in World War I Statewide Digitization Project. I work for the Springfield-Greene County Library District in Springfield, Missouri but my home base is the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis. To learn more about the project visit http://www.missourioverthere.org.

Ashley Eckhart

I finished a second MA, am taking this year off and working, and will start the Ph.D. in the fall.

Troy Henderon

I'm now a historian with the Michigan Historical Center, and I'm headquartered at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee.

Candice (Jones) Raisinghani

I am a shared collections assistant for the Chicago Cultural Alliance. Through this position I have the opportunity to collaborate with 9 museums and register their artifact collections.

Maria Reynolds

I work at a Gilded Age mansion on the Hudson River doing a bunch of different stuff

Stephanie Ridella

Halfway through year two of law school at Chicago-Kent.


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