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Thank you for your interest in working at the ITS Helpdesk. The ITS Help Desk provides the Loyola community with a single point of contact for technology support. We are committed to providing both professional and timely service in logging support requests. Additionally, we strive to resolve requests initially or refer them to correct support areas within the Information Technology Services division. Lastly, we continuously improve our services by educating our staff, measuring performance and monitoring customer satisfaction.

Student Employment

Student employees provide support to our client's while working at the ITS HelpDesk and ResNet. ResNet is our student "drop in" clinic area providing "best effort" technical support for students with their own personal technology devices.

Position: ITS HelpDesk Technician:

Note: We are no longer accepting applications

Job Description:

The position provides end-user support on a variety of issues and entails entails identifying, researching and resolving and technical problems for client's. To foster timely problem resolution, student employees utilize a Call Tracking system to document, track and monitor client requests. This position may receive other duties as assigned by the ITS Helpdesk/ResNet Manager.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be motivated with good written and verbal communication skills, be a strong team player and enjoy working with clients.

Language/Interpersonal Ability: Desire to work with individuals (students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members) in a diverse and fast-paced setting. Excellent communication skills—specifically via the telephone and in writing. English required in order to effectively provide technical support via telephone.

Required Experience:

  • Comfortable working with computers (Apple, PC, and Linux) and a wide-array of devices; and an interest in learning about new technologies (i.e. hardware, software and applications)
  • Reasoning Ability: Applicant must have strong problem solving skills and the ability to identify possible solutions
  • Familiarity with Loyola username (UVID) and its functions
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Exchange and the ability to support Outlook Web Access (student email) and the Outlook desktop client

Computer Skills:

  • Applicants should be resourceful in solving problems, specifically regarding a willingness to work with a wide-range of software in both a PC and Apple environment along with Linux support utilities
  • Applications should have knowledge of multiple mobile operating systems
  • Applicants need to know how to remove Root kit infections
  • Applicants should know how to use a Linux/UNIX terminal (if necessary—training provided)
  • Applicants need to know how to search and clear error codes upon start-up
  • Applicants need to know how to perform data recovery when Windows OS will no longer load

Applying for an ITS Help Desk Technician Position:

Interested undergraduate students are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume to:

Alison Stillwell
ITS Help Desk/ResNet Manager

Position: ITS Switchboard Operator

Note: We are no longer accepting applications

Job Description:

The incumbent is responsible for promptly answering and routing calls to various University affiliates (e.g. Departments) along with providing courteous assistance to callers. Clients may request information ranging from phone/fax numbers, event details and/or travel directions to the University. Additionally, assist Loyola Web Directory clients with updating their contact/location information.

Job Requirements:

The position is available for applicants student worker applicants seeking an on-campus, part-time employment position reflective of the customer service and support aligned with the University’s Maroon & Gold Standards of Excellence. To successfully perform this job, an individual will be required to utilize web and/or specific applications/systems to search for information, deductively reason and provide proper telephone etiquette. Incumbents must be motivated, illustrate good verbal and written communication skills, enjoy working with clients and be a strong team player. Perform other duties (e.g. projects) as assigned.


Loyola University Chicago Student. Ability to read, write and type instructions. Reliable, punctual, honest, flexible work schedule. Verbally and electronically communicate well with University members, guests, colleagues and Supervisors. Maintain good academic standing without any blocks (e.g. academic probation or warnings). Federal Work Study or non-Federal Work Study applicants are encouraged to apply.


6 month (minimum) previous customer service experience recommended. Adhere to and follow confidentiality agreements and standards for handling information and data.

Applying for an ITS Switchboard Operator:

Interested undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit your resume and cover letter to:

Alison Stillwell
ITS Help Desk/ResNet Manager