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Jimenez, Arceila
Technical Support Analyst
(773) 508-4487

Lewis, Ariana
Senior Helpdesk Analyst
(773) 508-7676

Rodriguez, Dorothy
Technical Support Analyst
(773) 508-4487

Stillwell, Alison
Helpdesk Manager
(773) 508-7002


Abhiraj Bhimani
Junior - Major: Bioinformatics
I have a passion for medicine and therefore want to peruse a career in there's that. But I am also hugely interested in technology and I like everything about it, from new CPU architectures to new display technology, I follow the tech industry very closely. No wonder I am single.

Michael Burdi
Senior - Major: Political Science
I'm hoping to go into law. Preferably, I'd like to find a place in information technology or family law. It's a pretty vague goal, but I'm sure that I'll figure it out as I go along.

Corey Dussold
Senior - Major: Biochemistry and Psychology
Dream Job: Astronaut. Corey plans on attending medical or dental school.

Safa Faheem
Sophomore - Major: Information Technology and Management
I'd like to achieve my MBA and a few certifications, and then hopefully wind up becoming an IT Manager or Project Manager.

Cooper Graf
Senior - Major: Information Systems
People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.  My dream job would be to become the Chief Information Officer at a Fortune 500 company.  

Colin Doyle
Junior - Major: Marketing
I hope to secure a job with a marketing firm shortly after graduation. My goal is to end up as a Marketing manager at Microsoft unless I get a job as a full time game tester. I'm loyal Chicago sports fan, guitar player, and Netflix watcher. 

Andrew Dyer
Freshman - Major: Political Science & Computer Science
I hope to work as a patent lawyer for software intellectual property. I’ve always had a passion for never shutting up. 

Dariush Forouzesh
Sophomore - Major: Biochemistry
I'm planning to go to medical school and make my living as a doctor. 

Richard Jacques
Senior - Major: Communications Networks and Security
My future will hopefully contain finding a job at a university anywhere, then applying for grad school at that university. If this is possible, I would take classes and hopefully pursue a degree in Computer Hardware Engineering, Electrical Engineering and/or Environmental Engineering. This would then follow-up by working for a company to design computer hardware, or even design environmentally friendly that will help preserve our precious home   

Michael Kwak
Senior - Major: Communication Networks and Security
I’m into poetry, playing the didgeridoo, electronic music, biology and studying the cultures of the world through research and dialogue. I hope to someday work in either computer crime investigation, network analysis, or bioinformatics. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll head out to the Tatras to pursue sheepherding. 

Jon Magnant
Senior - Major: Communication Networks and Security
Minor: Computer Crime and Forensics
I want to visit Europe in my lifetime, specifically Italy and Spain. I also want to attend a DefCon or BlackHat conference in Las Vegas. I am still deciding whether or not I want to attend Graduate school here at Loyola or to try and get a job right out of college in networks and security.

Matt McDonald
Graduate Student - Major: Law
I am attending Law School with the intention of becoming a criminal defense attorney.  My dream job would be either Commissioner of Major League Baseball or a Supreme Court Justice.  Video games are what started me working on computers.  As games go, they don't make 'em like they used to.

Weston McDonald

Shannon McGuire
Senior - Major: Biology and Bioinformatics
My plan for the future is to get a good job, dream job would be doing research to find a cure for cancer.  Then I would likely be financially stable and successful.

John Nachman
Freshman - Major: Undeclared

Anthony Oakey
Sophomore-Major: Physics & Computer Science.  Minor: Math

Niral Parikh
Senior - Major: Psychology
I plan on going to graduate school for industrial organizational psychology. I hope to someday start my own Industrial Organizational Psychology firm.

John Park
Senior - Major:  Statistics 

Dream Job: Playing in the NBA.  Life Goal: Run a marathon, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Future Plans: Occupation in Clinical Psychology/HR Management Position.

Ravindra Pimento
Freshman - Major: Economics
My goal in life is to own a huge investing firm with a considerable amount of tech startups in my portfolio. I then want to just retire and take on a life of philanthropy.

Jacob Schuldt
Sophomore - Major: Communications Network and Security
I am hoping to get my Master’s degree in Information Technology and go into Enterprise Networking or possibly Network Security. I am also hoping I can get certified in CCNA, CompTIA A+ and Networking before I graduate, or soon after I am done with school. 

Ryan Sevilla
Freshman - Major: Computer Science
Loves Android and playing guitar.

James Siap
Senior - Major: Political Science and International Studies
James's immediate goal is surviving the impending apocalypse on December 21st, 2012, be it a zombie, nuclear, biological or some other sort of apocalypse. Once survival is secured, his plan is to find something in life that will let him go forth and setting the world on fire.

Nicholas Svanascini
Sophomore - Major: Communication Networks and Security Minor: Computer Science
I'd like to see myself as a network system admin and pursue the Cisco Certified Architect certification.  My goal is to build data centers and run their day to day operations.

Thomas Topalidis
Junior - Major: Communications Networks and Security  Minor: Computer Crime & Forensics

Andrew Unger
Junior - Major: Communications and Network Security

Cara Zissman
Sophomore - Major: Information Technology
I would like to add to a good reputation for women in Computer Science by becoming successful in my career and helping to better the ever-changing technology world.  I hope to come up with some new technological advancement or application one day that will help others, so keep your eyes peeled.

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