Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Tuition Changes for Academic Year 2015-2016

Dear Students,

I am writing to announce tuition increases for the 2015-2016 academic year approved by the Loyola University Chicago Board of Trustees. This information is being provided to you as early as possible to help you with your future planning.

Effective Fall 2015, Loyola’s trustees have approved graduate tuition for the Graduate School in the amount of $1003.00 per credit hour. Student activity fees for graduate and professional students will increase, based on the number of hours for which a student registers. For details about tuition and other costs for the 2015-2016 academic year, please visit the Office of the Bursar website: LUC.edu/bursar.

These increases are due to continued enhancement and expansion of our academic program offerings, the need to remain competitive with faculty and staff salaries, and increasing maintenance costs for our expanding facilities. We strive to keep increases to a minimum while fulfilling our responsibilities to renew and expand the university, and to provide you with the exceptional education you expect—and deserve—for your investment in Loyola University Chicago. You should know that our Board of Trustees carefully scrutinizes our financial resources and future needs to be sure that our tuition increases are necessary and prudent.

I continue to believe that our commitment to a superior educational experience is what you expect and deserve and important changes continue to unfold across our campuses and classrooms:

  • We have an increasing number of graduate programs ranked in the annual U.S. News & World Report issue of Best Graduate Schools.
  • As part of our participation in the Council of Graduate Schools/TIAA-CREF Enhancing Graduate Student Financial Education project, we have developed budgeting, debt load, overall money management, and financial planning resources to assist students.
  • The Graduate School has significantly raised the level of support for all students receiving merit-based funding. Additionally, we continue to broaden and enrich the graduate student experience by providing professional development opportunities and support for student scholarly activities, including travel to professional conferences, academic publications, and thesis/dissertation research.
  • A growing number of our graduate students are graduating on time and getting jobs in academia, as well as in the non-academic sector.

On behalf of our faculty, I am grateful that you have chosen Loyola—and the Graduate School. Please know that we remain committed to providing the very best education to prepare you to make a difference in this world.


Patricia Mooney-Melvin, PhD
Interim Dean, The Graduate School