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Annette Steinacker

Director of MUAPP and Associate Professor, Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy Program
PhD, University of Rochester, 1996
Granada Center, 425
Phone: 773.508.8639

Annette Steinacker is the Director of the Urban Affairs and Public Policy (MUAPP) Program at Loyola University Chicago. Her research primarily focuses on issues of urban economic development and metropolitan governance. She has done work on changes in the number and types of jobs available in central cities, factors that influence the location decisions of businesses, and the role of property tax abatements as part of a local economic development strategy. Extending work she did for local government agencies in the past, she is currently working on a project that identifies the skills gap between graduates of local higher education institutions and projected sectors of job growth in metropolitan areas. Mapping graduates' fields of study and types of degree to the expected labor demands in a metropolitan's growing economic sectors is used to determine likely deficiencies in the labor pool. The goal of the pilot study was then to identify potential partnerships between a county economic development office and regional colleges to develop or expand programs that would fill the specific labor market shortages.

Dr. Steinacker has also studied the impact that local government organization has on public policy outcomes and the political feasibility of changing these structures, specifically the creation of metropolitan governments and special districts. Her approach to these topics combines quantitative analysis of national data sets as well as in-depth case studies of specific cities. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and several private foundations.

Dr. Steinacker received her PhD in political science from the University of Rochester, a Masters of Public Administration from Texas A&M University, and a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She previously taught at Columbia University, Texas A&M University, Georgetown University, University of Miami, and Claremont Graduate University. She was director of the Public Policy program at Claremont for ten years prior to joining Loyola University Chicago and served as associate provost for Faculty Development at Claremont Graduate University.

Curriculum Vitae

Ron Gibbs

Adjunct Professor, Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy Program
Masters, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government
Granada Center, 427
Phone: 312.543.1455

Ronald Gibbs is an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University Chicago, Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy Program, where he teaches MPP 408—Political Feasibility Analysis. Mr. Gibbs is President of National and International Public Affairs Consulting (NIPAC). He provides strategic counsel to businesses, governmental entities and non-profit organizations on public policy, legislative affairs, marketing/branding, fund raising, communications, and corporate social responsibility issues. Mr. Gibbs also conducts seminars for corporate and non-profit executives on developing winning public policy strategies.

Curriculum Vitae

Jill Mason Terzakis

Adjunct Professor, Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy Program
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago—UIC (To be conferred)
Granada Center, 427
Phone: 773.508.2008

Jill Mason Terzakis is an Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy program. She teaches Public Budgeting and Finance and Intergovernmental Relations.  Ms. Terzakis's professional experience in public policy and public finance spans 25 years, including working as a Senior Municipal Bond Analyst at Nuveen, as Assistant Commissioner of Special Finance at the City of Chicago, and as Vice President at Scott Balice Strategies. Her research areas include municipal bond credit analysis, tax law, financial disclosure and bond redemption practices, real estate finance, and public private partnerships. She has presented her research at conferences of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts, National Council of State Agencies, Institute for International Research, and Association for Budgeting and Financial Management. Her research has been published in peer reviewed as well as practitioner journals. Ms. Terzakis holds a BA from Lake Forest College and an MBA from DePaul University. She is completing her PhD in Public Administration this fall with specializations in public management and public finance at University of Illinois - Chicago’s College of Urban Planning and Policy Affairs. 

Curriculum Vitae

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