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Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy (MUAPP) Program

Welcome to the Masters in Urban Affairs and Public Policy (MUAPP) program at Loyola University Chicago. The Masters of Public Policy (MPP) and the Masters of Arts in Urban Affairs (MUA) at Loyola are two-year professional degree programs that prepare students to assume leadership roles in government, non-profit organizations, or businesses. Our location in downtown Chicago provides a unique opportunity for involvement in urban affairs and public policy at all levels—neighborhood organizations, city and county agencies, and offices of state and federal government. The MUAPP program strives to give you the tools and knowledge to turn concern about social problems into the ability to analyze them, devise appropriate solutions, and then act. 

The MUAPP Program offers Masters Degrees in Public Policy or Urban Affairs in addition to a joint MPP/JD, a joint BA or BS/MPP, and a Public Policy Certificate. For more information, click on the following links:

For further information on all programs, faculty members, the MUAPP Handbook, alumni spotlight, internships, fellowships, scholarships, recent job placements, and FAQs continue to MUAPP General Information.

For any additional questions or to schedule a visit, email the Program Coordinators at muapp@luc.edu.

Dr. Annette Steinacker
Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy Program