Damen Award Winner - Woodrow Clark

A native of Ohio, Woodrow Clark graduated with one of his three Master‟s degrees from Loyola University Chicago before moving on to the University of California,
Berkeley to pursue a PhD. Interested in economics and energy, Dr. Clark‟s work has focused on environmental issues, renewable energy, and sustainable communities. He has worked as Manager of Strategic Planning for Technology Transfer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, served as Senior Advisor on Renewable Energy, Emerging Technologies, and Finance to California Governor Gray Davis, founded clark Strategic Partners, and was co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with others on the United National Intergovernmantal Panel on Climate Change. He serves on a variety of boards, including the national Building Museum, the Minette Institute, and the Citizens Oversight Committee for the Beverly Hills School Board . Recent honors and awards have come from the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute, Sagan National Colloquium, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles City Council. The Damen Award seeks to honor students, student organizations, and alumni who have committed themselves to Jesuit ideals by being a true source of inspiriation and leadership.