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Gartner Poster & Video

Learn how Loyola uses Gartner

The Gartner Awareness Campaign was launched to share information on how Students, Faculty, and Staff quickly and easily use Gartner research for their real-life projects and business decisions every day. Watch the Gartner Video or view the Gartner Poster to learn more about how Loyola uses Gartner today!  

Welcome: The Digital Industrial Economy

Architecting the Digital Business (Video)

"Imagine a digitally enabled world, where everything and everyone is connected to the internet." Find out more from Gartner how to stay connected in this fast-moving digital age.  

Rambler Buzz Video

Where’s Your Place in the Social Context?

"Success with Social Media is fundamentally a leadership and management challenge, not a technology issue". How do you get communities of people to do work they've never done before? Where is your place within the social context?  

Why Use Gartner

Driving Value from Big Data

Organizations have increased their understanding of what big data is and what value it can potentially deliver to the business. With this shift comes a new set of hurdles spanning people, process and technology. This special report explores those hurdles and how information leaders can overcome them.