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Study Abroad FAQs

Most students can fit studying abroad into their undergraduate experience at Loyola. Read more about the considerations for making the decision to study abroad here. Also, read about how to fit studying abroad into your four-year plan here. Finally, for financial considerations please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

This depends on how studying abroad fits into your four-year plan. Some guiding questions for you are: What requirements will I be able to satisfy while studying abroad? Will I be able to complete my requirements on time if I do this program?

You should consider the type of program, the region, the courses offered, and the length. You can explore your options on the Office of International Programs website. Additionally, you can work with your academic advisor to determine how each program would fit into your academic plan.

Look at the Course Database to see which courses have already been approved. Not all Departments use the Course Database, therefore if you see another course that you are interested in, you may request approval through the corresponding academic department at Loyola or through your academic advisor. For the Beijing, Rome, and Vietnam Centers, refer to their respective websites to see which courses are offered.

You need to be enrolled full time. For the fall and spring semesters, full-time status is at least 12 credit hours; for the six-week summer sessions, full-time status is at least 6 credit hours. We recommend that you refer to your four-year plan to determine the appropriate number of credit hours. Many students find that taking 12 credit hours during the semester sessions allows them to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom.

The courses at the Beijing, Rome, and Vietnam Centers are Loyola courses, therefore they do not need to be preapproved. You will register for these courses using LOCUS, just like you register for classes at the Lakeshore and Water Tower campuses. Visit the Office of International Programs website for more information about these Centers.

Set up an appointment with your academic advisor by calling First and Second Year Advising at 773-508-7714. Bring the recommendation form with you when you meet with your academic advisor, so he or she can fill it out during that meeting.

Each study abroad program has a different GPA requirement, but most require at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Refer to the Office of International Programs (OIP) website to determine the specific GPA requirements for the programs you are considering. If your GPA does not meet the requirement, call or email the corresponding OIP contact person to find out more details. Work with your academic advisor to determine if it is more appropriate for you to focus on raising your GPA at Loyola before studying abroad.

No, we want you to focus on raising your GPA here at Loyola before you take on the additional challenge of studying abroad.