Focus on Teaching and Learning: Spring 2017

January 12, 2017

Water Tower Campus

Scheiber Center

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Call for Proposals

We encourage submissions related to a wide variety of teaching-related topics.  In addition, we hope to make submissions accessible enough for faculty to submit products that are works in progress as well as fully conceived. 

In order to promote continuity, cohesiveness, and a fluid experience for attendees, sessions will last 45 minutes, and will include 30 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes left for Q & A and discussion. This format allows for multiple topics to be covered, and for attendees to have ample time for networking and discussing ideas in more detail. The “Ignatian Innovation” format, described below, will continue to allow space for fledgling ideas that could benefit specifically from a collaborative, university-based format such as that provided by FOTL.

Sessions present theory, concepts, and/or practices. They consist of either one presentation, or in some cases, two brief presentations back-to-back.  Should the latter be chosen, this format is also appropriate for unique ideas that may be discipline-specific and/or may be in an early stage that would warrant more extensive, small-group discussion. Sessions should be 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of discussion.

Ignatian Innovation This venue provides a chance to share new ideas related to Ignatian Pedagogy without the pressure of the need for these ideas to be fully formed. Presenters will be asked to discuss their topic briefly (within 10 minutes) using PowerPoint, poster, or discussion format. Presenters will receive feedback on the idea and offer similar feedback to other colleagues. This venue, building off of the “Pecha Kucha” and “Ted Talk” formats, is intended to be fast-paced and creative, and will allow for ample discussion to flesh out ideas more thoroughly.  Our hope is that these sessions can also incorporate one or more of the five key concepts associated with Ignatian Pedagogy, including: Context, Experience, Reflection, Evaluation, and Action (see )


Proposals can be submitted through this online form.

DUE DATE: Wednesday 11/30 at 5pm CST

ACKNOWLEDGE DATE: Wednesday 12/14

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