Loyola University Chicago

Forensic Science Program


Loyola's faculty members are dedicated to quality undergraduate teaching and a student-centered approach to education. By being engaged in an active research program and service projects, faculty members contribute to the advancement of the field and bring their insights back into the classroom. Students are assigned to a faculty advisor, who helps them plan their curriculum, and offers them valuable assistance in finding a job or gaining admission to graduate school.

Program Director: Garry Bombard, PhD


  • Anne Grauer, PhD, University of Massachusetts
  • Maria O. Smith, PhD, University of Tennessee


  • Martin B. Berg, PhD, University of Notre Dame
  • Ian Boussy, PhD, University of California, Davis
  • Jeffrey L. Doering, PhD, University of Chicago
  • Terry Grande, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Robert W. Hamilton, PhD, Ohio State University
  • Warren Jones, PhD, Indiana University
  • Howard M. Laten, PhD, University of Wisconsin
  • F. Bryan Pickett, PhD, Indiana University


  • Miguel Ballicora, PhD, University of Buenos Aires
  • M. Paul Chiarelli, PhD, University of Nebraska
  • Alanah Fitch, PhD, University of Illinois
  • Kenneth W. Olsen, PhD, Duke University
  • Duarte Mota De Freitas, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Martina Schmeling, PhD, University of Dortmund

Criminal Justice

  • Robert M. Lombardo, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Arthur J. Lurigio, PhD, Loyola University Chicago
  • David E. Olson, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Loretta J. Stalans, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Don Stemen, PhD, New York University