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First Year Experience


YEAR 1 Mentors

Our Mission:

We, the YEAR 1 Mentors, are a group of students who, on our own initiative, make a commitment to be "Your Everything and Anything Resource" to all new students. We reach out to every First-Year student at Loyola University Chicago.  We support and guide our students throughout their college transition and strive to make their experience as meaningful, engaging and successful as possible.

YEAR 1 Mentors will:

  • Email every first-year student with helpful information, resources, and advice throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Be available for one-on-one 'coffee talks' with first year students to get to know them and help connect them to resources and activities on campus.
  • Plan educational and social events for all first-year students throughout the year.
  • Host the Annual Masquerade Ball for first-year students in February.


Your YEAR 1 Mentor Coordinators:

William Hurd

Lauren Lapinski

Senior, Spanish and History major

 Senior, International Studies and Communication Studies major

My name is William Hurd, but most just call me Will. I'm going into my senior year in the Honors program with a double major in Spanish and History. I love riding my bike, jamming to some tunes, and traveling. If you want to know anything else, just drop me a line.

I'm going into my senior year in the Honors program and recently started considering going to grad school for Speech and Language Pathology to become a speech therapist. My favorite foods are peanut butter, banana, honey sandwiches and mac & cheese, but not eaten at the same time... that'd be gross. I also love Thai food but only from a place off Fullerton called Noodles in the Pot. Seriously it's that good. I should probably mention more about me than food though. I love How I Met Your Mother, Community, dogs, free food (wait.. no more mentioning food), coffee, and fall and spring (if only those seasons existed in Chicago). Also in my spare time I run marathons. 


The Remaining 2012-2013 YEAR 1 Mentor Profiles will upload soon.


Would you like to be a YEAR 1 Mentor next year?
Check back in the Spring for information about how you can become a YEAR 1 Mentor for the 2013-2014 school year. 

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