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Check Deposit Instructions

The Deposit Slip form will be used for deposits made at the Office of the Bursar. The required information to list on the form includes: transaction date, accounting unit and account combination where funds should be deposited (credited), deposit type (credit card, check, currency, or coin), amount, reference number, transaction description, receipt number, date processed and signature.

  1. The current date will default in the header portion of Deposit Slip form.
  2. Enter the department name and/or number.
  3. Enter the accounting unit–account combination to be credited. Each line must include an accounting unit AND account.
  4. Enter the deposit type. Click the down-arrow in the Deposit Type column and choose check, credit card, coin or currency.
  5. For checks and credit cards, enter the check number or credit card number in the Reference # field.
  6. Enter the amount in the ‘Amount’ column.
  7. Enter a description, receipt number and date processed at the bottom of the form. 
  8. All data entered on the original form will automatically copy to the two duplicate forms. Therefore, deposit information does not need to be typed onto the other two forms. Once the form is complete, go to the file menu, choose Page Setup, switch to landscape, click OK, click print and all three forms will print, one on each page.
  9. Obtain the depositor’s signature on one of the forms. The SBO should date-stamp the deposit slip and both copies. SBO keeps the signatured form, one copy goes to the depositor and one copy is mailed to Accounting.


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