Loyola University Chicago

Financial Aid Office

Special Circumstances FAQs

If your family has experienced a change in your financial situation (loss of employment, excessive medical bills, death of a parent, etc.), you may complete a Special Circumstance Appeal to request a re-evaluation of your financial aid eligibility.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance has a range of additional financing options you can utilize to help you with the remaining educational expenses not covered by your current financial aid award.

Depending on the time of year, we ask that you allow 10–14 business days for us to complete the review. You can see if your appeal has been received by checking your To-Do List on your Student Center on LOCUS.

After a primary review of your appeal we believe we can make adjustments to your financial aid award, but it was determined that additional documentation was needed in order to complete the review.

Although we reviewed your Special Circumstance Appeal, the changes we made may not have been significant enough to result in the awarding of additional aid. For more specific information on your appeal review, please contact OSFA.

You will need to submit a new appeal based on any new situations not yet communicated to our office. Please submit a new Special Circumstance Appeal form and all supporting documentation so that OSFA can evaluate your new circumstances.

No. You may submit a special circumstances appeal at any time after you have filed the FAFSA and have received a Financial Aid Award from the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Appeals can only be submitted to account for circumstances that have occurred in respect to the current academic year in which a student is enrolled.

The prior year’s federal tax returns are required for the appeal process. We also require that you submit relevant, supporting documentation for your family’s special circumstances. These can include official statements, such as a paycheck from an employer or a receipt of a private tuition bill that has been paid.

It may depend on the type of business and if your family has pay stubs or W-2 forms. Other documentation such as quarterly business earning statements and/or business financial records from an accounting office will also be useful during the appeal review.

Yes. If the withdrawal will not occur again and is impacting your family’s taxable income from the past year, you may submit an appeal for this situation to be considered. Please remember to submit all relevant supporting documentation, including federal tax returns and information regarding the income in question.

No, sibling enrollment in college is already considered on your FAFSA. Only other siblings attending private elementary or high schools can be accounted for in an appeal.

No, because the items are not associated with any FAFSA questions. We cannot adjust for mortgages, car expenses, bankruptcy, credit card debt, leisure activities or other types of family debt.