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Loyola University Chicago has contracted with TaskStream to be the university's official electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) vendor. ePortfolios, also referred to as folios or efolios, are electronic collections of student work, reflections, resumes and educational experiences that are presented in a structured, online format customized by the student. TaskStream provides space for students to upload and store a variety of documents in a digital repository that can then be used to create any number of different ePortfolios.

For example, a student may maintain a personal portfolio as a storage area for course work as well as a more polished portfolio that contains outstanding work they want to spotlight for a job or graduate school application. A faculty member may have a portfolio requirement for a course and have students submit work that demonstrates achievement of student learning outcomes. TaskStream also provides ePortfolio space for faculty who wish to store their own CV and published work.

Why Use ePortfolios

With the continued emphasis on the need for assessing student learning, many academic units are looking to ePortfolios as a mechanism for determining students’ progress toward their departmental student learning outcomes. By establishing a set of criteria and evidence each student is required to submit, a department can measure what concepts students have mastered and where they are falling short of the department standards. ePortfolios can be used as formative assessment (throughout a student’s course of study) and a summative evaluation (at the end of the standard degree program).

ePortfolio assessment has additional advantages over other modes of evaluation in that students often have the opportunity to select what they feel is their best representative work. With the ability to include multiple formats, including multimedia, ePortfolios address multiple learning styles and provide a medium in which students can get instructive feedback that informs them of their strengths and deficits; this feedback can be based on an established measure, such as rubrics, that provide specific information on a student’s performance. One frequent ePortfolio assignment involves having students reflect on their learning, on their co-curricular activities and other events that impact their experience in their discipline, the university community and the world.

Please refer to ePortfolio Decision Making Guide if you plan to implement ePortfolios or are in the process of setting up an ePortfolio in Taskstream.


We ask that all faculty and staff interested in using TaskStream please fill out the following TaskStream request form. This ensures that you are directed to the appropriate resource based on your intended use of ePortfolios.

If you are interested in using ePortfolios for course or program assessment, the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy will provide guidance and assistance. Please contact Shannon Milligan at smilligan@luc.edu for information on getting started with using portfolios for assessment.

If you are interested in using ePortfolios in a course or for professional development (faculty, staff, and students), the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) will provide guidance and assistance. Students needing assistance with ePortfolios should also contact the CEL at eportfolio@luc.edu. CEL also provides support documentation for students, faculty, and staff on the ePortfolio resource website and walk-in assistance in Sullivan Center Room 295.

Technical Support

If you are unable to login to TaskStream, contact:

Michelle Kusel
ePortfolio Program Manager
Phone: 773.508.3952

For all other technical problems, contact Taskstream technical support at 1.800.311.5656. Follow the prompts and identify your affiliation with Loyola University Chicago.

Accessing TaskStream

To access your TaskStream account click on the link below. You will login using your Loyola login and password. All faculty should currently have access to the system. At this time, only students enrolled in courses or programs (curricular or co-curricular) that are using TaskStream will have access to the system. Eventually, all LUC students will have access to the system.