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Parent Sessions

The following Parent Sessions will be offered during Family Weekend.

Session 1

Building a bridge over troubled waters: Identifying successful strategies for helping college students, parents, and families navigate the transition to college.

What are good ways to help your child who is experiencing homesickness? How can you support your child's independence while still dealing with your own transition to an emptier nest? How much contact is too much…or too little? What do I do with my worries about my kid's health, safety and well-being? Please join a Wellness Center counselor who will facilitate an interactive discussion of these issues. Together, we hope to generate some collective wisdom with other parents who are traveling the same path as you and your family are. Time: 10–11 a.m.

Exploring a Spiritual Path

Join members of the Ministry staff as we explore what it means for Loyola to be a home for all faiths. This session focuses on spirituality and what that looks like here for different folks of different religious backgrounds as well as for those who may not affiliate themselves with a particular faith or who may struggle to reconcile their LGBTQ identity with their spiritual/religious identity. 10–11 a.m.

Supporting Our Students' Ethical Development 

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution will facilitate an interactive discussion about how to support students' ethical development through the college years. The discussion will include an introduction to the Student Promise, the Community Standards (Loyola's Code of Conduct), and the various ways parents and the University can work together to encourage responsible decision-making by focusing on students' individual values and those of the Loyola community.  Time 10 – 11 a.m.

My student is participating in a Learning Community - what more should I know?

Is your student living in a Learning Community?  This session will provide an overview of the Learning Community experience and will help families support their students in getting the most out of their Learning Community.  Come hear directly from faculty who teach in the Learning Communities and from the student leaders who live and work with your students.  Time 10 – 11 a.m.

Session 2

Sustainability @ LUC: Living Green

Students and staff from the Institute of Sustainability will host an interactive educational session touching on various sustainability efforts on campus (transportation, food sourcing, recycling/waste reduction, etc.) as well as offer ways for parents/families to live Green at home while their students are contributing to living Green on campus—a unified approach to sustainability on and off-campus. The last 45 minutes will include a tour of the new Institute of Sustainability and other Green locations on campus. 1:30–3 p.m.

Social Justice, A Campus in Action

In 1840 Jesuit priest Luigi Taparelli coined the term “Social Justice”, since then the term has taken on different meanings for different people. Join the Carolyn Farrell BVM Professor of Women and Leadership and Assistant to the Provost for Social Justice Initiatives, Kathleen Maas Weigert and a panel of students as they delve into what social justice means here at Loyola as well as what social justice in action looks like for Ramblers. 1:30–3 p.m.

My student is in the Honors Program – what more should I know? 

Parent Session for parents who have a student participating in the Honors Program for the 2013-2014 academic year.  This program will cover a variety of topics, related to your son or daughter’s participation in the Honors Program including:  What the nature of the honors program (organization, requirements, courses); What are the benefits of the honors program; How is it related to other aspects of university life (Core, study abroad, research opportunities, living arrangements) and; In what sense is it an honors program (i.e., how hard it is, really?) Time 2–3 p.m.

Session 3

First Generation Parent Outreach

Navigating college is not easy when you're a first generation student (the first in your family to go to college). As parents of first generation students, we want to alleviate concerns you might have as your family embarks on a new chapter. Our hope is to ensure that you are equipped with the information and support you need to assist your son or daughter as they transition to university life. 3:15–4:15 p.m.

Living in Rogers Park: What does that mean?

This session explores what it means to be living in the context of a large diverse and urban setting by examining the experiences of students and community residents—where there are connections and where there are opportunities for bridge building and connecting to the local community. Join us as we discuss some of the ways in which the Loyola University Chicago is involved in the community as well as what it means for your student to be a part of the Rogers Park community. 3:15–4:15 p.m.

My student is considering Studying Abroad - what more should I know?

Parent Session for parents who have a son or daughter participating in or considering participation in studying abroad.  This program will cover a variety of topics, related to your son or daughter’s interest and/or participation in a study abroad program.  Some topical areas covered in this presentation include:   brief introduction of the program; statistics of how many students participate in study abroad opportunities; a panel of students who have studied abroad, and/or testimonies from faculty and students who take part in this experience. Time 3–4 p.m.


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