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1998-1999 Annual Report of the Physical Resources Committee

1. Summer of 1998

Cudahy Science Building:

Damen Hall Classrooms 1st, 2nd,and 3rd Floor : 127, 128, 228, 235, 236, 237, 238, 331, 338, 339

Skyscraper Building, Rooms 304 and 305 for the School of Education:

Science Library:

2. Christmas Break 1998

Centennial Forum, Stateroom:

3. January 1999

Two capital budget requests were developed and submitted for consideration, one for the second phase of renovation of teachings spaces in Damen Hall for the amount of $1,132,646.00, and the other for $ 703,812.00 to renovate Dumbach Hall. Funding for the renovation of teaching spaces in Damen Hall was approved.

Funding for renovations to Dumbach Hall were not approved for this year.

Thus, the following renovations to Damen Hall will take place:

4. May 3- May 20, 1999:

Damen Hall Biology 8th Floor Laboratories: 820, 828, 831, 832. 833, 834 and Natural Science Laboratory 732. :

5. May 13- June 16, 1999 (First day after exams until the second session of summer school begins)

General Classrooms in Damen Hall: 730, 733, 734, 735, 736, 956, 966 and Seminar Room 432 (School of Nursing):

6. July 7 - August 26, 1999

Finnegan Auditorium

Damen Halls Hallways: 7th and 8th Floors

These are the approved renovations which will be underway beginning in May, continuing in June and completed by the beginning of the Fall semester.

In closing, I would like to report to Faculty Council the admiration expressed by Ms. Teresa Woyczynski (Senior Project Manager) concerning the quality of selflessness and generous concern for the common good shown by all those who have labored on the renovation projects at Lake Shore Campus this year, faculty - Dr. Jeffrey Doering (Biology), Dr. John Frendreis (Political Science), Dr. Esther Jacobs (School of Nursing), Dr. John McCarthy (Theology), Dr. Cheryl Johnson-Odim (History), Dr. John Rastovac (Natural Science), as well as administrators - Dr. Larry Braskamp (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. John Smarrelli (Dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences) and Mr. Philip Kosiba (Vice President of Facilities and Properties). The tasks involved in these projects included the inspection of every room to carefully itemize the necessary renovations, then the estimation of exact costs . Real prices were researched by using those listed by actual companies that provide these various types of renovation services. Besides these duties, the project group had to keep in mind the scheduling of the renovations, and plan the release of the specific rooms one year in advance, so as not to interfere with exams, meetings or classes.

I am sure that all the faculty members, especially those at Lake Shore Campus would like to express profound thanks to the generous members of this project group for all they have done to enhance the teaching facilities here at Loyola.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Wendy Cotter C.S.J. (Theology)
Committee on Physical Resources (chair)

1999-2000 Annual Report of the Physical Resources Committee

Committee members Gloria Jacobson and Karla Petersen met with Phil Kosiba to review the work that has been planned as part of the current budget and to discuss areas of need that have been identified by his department and by others within the university. A detailed timetable has been established to complete the work begun in Damen and Dumbach Halls.

Phase III renovation in Damen hall began in February and is scheduled to be completed before the start of the second summer session (7/2). Work that was completed during spring break included lighting retrofit, construction and painting in several 4th floor classrooms and asbestos abatement of telecom closets on the 5th and 6th floors.

The work to be completed in Damen Hall is presented in detail since questions have arisen as to exactly what will be done. The following renovations are to begin the first week of May and be completed by July 2, 2000:

Damen Hall ? Classrooms Renovation

Dumbach Hall Renovations

During our meeting Mr. Kosiba shared with us his department budget that deals with repairs and maintenance. Because of extremely limited resources, the focus has been on academic venues. He reported a capital budget pool of $4.2 million, with approximately $700,000 remaining as of January. The summer renovations for Damen Hall are budgeted at $563,000. At the end of this summer, work scheduled for DH, Cudahy and Dumbach should be completed. The budget pool for next year is $7 million with the goal to look at instructional space, specifically Flanner and Crown, with additional work at Cudahy. In addition to these he cited serious concerns regarding the heating plant. Additional areas of need include the following: Damen Hall ? ADA accessibility, windows, caulking, entrance; Coffey Hall ? exterior; and Sky ? empty floors, restrooms, water system, auditorium.

Input was sought from faculty regarding needs that merit attention. The following were brought to the committee?s attention:

  1. Some classrooms in Sky (such as 504, 511) have glass doors between classrooms. It is very hard to hear when noise comes through the glass doors. Faculty asked if the doors can be removed and the wall filled in.
  2. Cudahy Library is in need of a new revolving door. The present door is frequently out of order or so difficult to move that many are unable to manage. Additional Cudahy Library needs include redoing the cracked concrete outside the entrance along with the ramp access to the library. The library is also in need of carpeting.
  3. Concern has been expressed regarding library space. Cudahy is currently about 100% full with books sometimes stacked on the floor. The Science library is at approximately 90% capacity with 2-3 years growth left. Storage and planning in this regard merits consideration.

These requests have been forwarded to Mr. Kosiba for his review and consideration.

I would like to thank Karla Petersen for her assistance with the work of this committee and also those who forwarded their concerns regarding physical resources at the University.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Jacobson

Chair: John Makowski


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Charge:The Committee shall make recommendations to the Council with respect to allocation and/or utilization of existing physical resources, based on assessed needs; and make recommendations for the improvement and expansion of physical resources.


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