Matt Razek

Serving as a Resident Assistant (RA) was a tremendous learning experience for me. It allowed me to overcome challenge of conflict and confrontation while mentoring second year students as they continue their studies at Loyola. RA's often get a "bad rap" for documenting policy violations in the residence halls. My favorite part of the job is disproving this "bad rap" and showing residents how their RA really does care about them and wants to help wherever possible. This position helped me build many skills and much knowledge of what I want to do after graduation. 

Sophomore year, I discovered that my passions did not lie in the field of medicine like I originally thought. My interest became ignited by working with my residents and helping them through personal, academic, and social situations. I knew my passion from the position and being involved on campus informed my decision that I wanted to spend the rest of my life on a college campus. As some say, I drank the student affairs "Kool Aid" and I am going to pursue a career in higher education.  I am currently applying to graduate programs for a Master's degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs. 

Having an internship in a field that I am already making plans to go in to after graduation definitely helps with this desire and urge to learn more and attain valuable leadership skills. I find my behaviors to be different than what they normally are; I find myself being more intentional in my work. I have begun to take a step back and serve as a mentor to others who may be trying to further their development … I have begun to have a “critical eye” and think “outside of the box” when developing programs and offering feedback.  The Center for Experiential Learning Academic Internship and Advanced Student Employment class allowed me to do that reflection and it has definitely helped keep my thoughts straight and get down in writing all that I have gained and learned this semester.

I definitely see myself attending or working at larger, public institutions or Jesuit institutions for my entire career. At some point I would also like to pursue an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. amidst starting a family of my own.  For now, I plan to go with the flow, hope for the best, and be around college for the rest of my life!

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