Michelle Lozano

My experience in the Community-based research course and partnership with Taller de Jose was one unlike any other.  Never in my lifetime have I participated in collaboration with an organization, let alone one that offers services to a community so familiar to me like Taller does. This semester working with Taller de Jose and my group to complete a project was fulfilling, eye-opening, and surreal. It is a distinct experience when you work with an organization very closely and learn why they are there, what they do, and why they do it in comparison to a day of service with a group of friends. Overall, my community experience helped develop my understanding of what the community of Little Village needs, and communities similar to it. In addition to developing this understanding, it also opened my eyes to the roles I can fulfill in helping out communities around my area. It has always seemed so far-fetched to me that volunteering locally would make a difference, but after my community-based research project and research with Taller de Jose, I see that anyone can make a positive difference on a small scale that assists in the larger scale of what the organization aims to achieve.

After the Community-based Research course, I’ve developed even further my sense of leadership and have truly defined what service means to me. Specifically, I believe I’ve identified what kind of service I want to be a part of, what kind I don’t, and so on … I’ve furthered my understanding of what it means to be a college student in the realm of service. The reason for this change from beginning to end of the semester is due to the reflection aspect of our class, and the proximity in which we worked with our community partner.

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