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Internship Descriptions

Learn more about the opportunities with Catholic Charities, LIFT-Chicago, and Misericordia for Social Justice Interns!

Catholic Charities Positions:

Immigration and Naturalization

The intern will support Immigrant Survivors Project Specialists by assisting with advocacy on behalf of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including writing and/or translating victims’ personal statements and civil documents such as marriage, death, divorce, and birth certificates; taking fingerprints for FBI background checks; writing executive case summaries; reviewing and summarizing medical, court, and police records, helping maintain database records, and making photocopies of legal cases.

Madonna House

The intern at Madonna House will assist the 9 member team of line staff to maintain the facility as needed (i.e., answering phones, helping clients with immediate needs, assisting on-site case manager with tasks or projects). The intern also will be able to monitor and assist outside facilitators of workshops such as Art Therapy, Yoga and LifeSkills classes. The intern works closely with the Program Supervisor to develop a plan that is specific to the needs of the interns requirements, including the possibility of developing and facilitating  workshops or weekly groups based on client need.

Refugee Resettlement 

The intern working with Refugee Resettlement will assist the Case Manager with her/his every day activities and work directly with clients. The intern provides comprehensive, ethnic specific, case management and support services to refugees from various regions of the world during their period of adaptation to a new environment, and helps to address problems specific to refugee individuals/families with an emphasis on linguistic and cultural barriers. The intern will anticipate needs of each individual Refugee clients through a well coordinated system of linkages within the community which include welfare, health and education, and effectively monitor each client’s progress and adjust when necessary to achieve success while in the Program thus achieving client self-sufficiency.

Volunteer Relations

The intern working with the Volunteer Relations Department at Catholic Charities will gain a high level understanding of the inner-workings of a mission-driven nonprofit organization. The intern will have the ability to work closely with staff on the implementation of a cloud-based volunteer web tool with a Salesforce platform called VolunteerBridge. She/he will assist with the recruitment, screening, and onboarding of new volunteers within the agency. The intern will also have the opportunity to choose other services offered at Catholic Charities (Refugee Resettlement, Early Childhood Development, Emergency Services, Senior Services, etc.) and do site visits to learn more about our large social service organization and focus on her/his particular programmatic interests. 


LIFT-Chicago Positions (2):

The interns working with LIFT will address immediate needs (employment, housing, public benefits, health care, education, etc.) and comprehensive, long-term support designed to help families break the cycle of poverty. They will meet one-on-one with LIFT members – assessing their needs and providing direct and referral services. Interns will also communicate regularly with members via telephone to: remind about meetings, check in on member progress, update members on new resources/information, etc.; take part in LIFT-Chicago’s Annual Regional Summit, a forum focusing on poverty issues/challenges in Chicago; and complete project-based duties as assigned.


Misericordia Positions:

Developmental Training Program

The Developmental Training Program at Misericordia supports participants through the development of life skills, educational skills, vocational skills and/or community employment. This is achieved in an environment that promotes vocational training and life skills development designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Participants also enjoy a variety of services and experiences, such as wellness activities, access to the arts, cultural and community awareness, therapeutic activities, and sensory activity. The Developmental Training Program is committed to enable all participants to attain a maximum level of vocational accomplishment and personal development.

Interns will have the opportunity to assist Developmental Training Instructors and Trainers in a variety of classroom and workplace environments.  Interns will assist with unit-based curriculum and lesson plans.  Opportunity exists for interns with certain skills or interest to commit to specific programs in the area of art, horticulture, health promotions, and learning skills instruction. 

Available hours are 8:00AM to 4:00pm Monday through Friday

Personal Effectiveness Program (Behavioral Health) 

The Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP) was specifically developed for individuals who are unable to effectively adapt to the demands or experiences within typical developmental and vocational settings. The program and environment is designed to address residents’ behavioral needs while promoting the development of adaptive behaviors necessary to participate productively in their choice of training and enrichment programs.  Using sensory and interactive technology including IPADS and Smart Boards, PEP instructors assist individuals in gaining and enhancing skills in the areas of concentrating, waiting, asking for help appropriately, making choices, and accepting correction or redirection.

Interns will assist classroom instructors in providing individualized services to participants.  These specialized services could include communication, positive behavior support, functional academic & vocational skills, independent living skills, and social & interpersonal skills.   Interns will co-facilitate with instructors in group settings and provide 1:1 support when needed.

Recreation and Leisure 

The position involves working with groups of individuals in the area of Recreation, Leisure & fitness/wellness activities.  The intern’s main duties will be to assist the instructor in  implementing and leading recreational activities, working with individual participants on learning new tasks in yoga, arts & crafts, music and adapted sports. Will also assist with Special Olympics training and Cultural, holiday and theme based parties. May also be provided with the opportunity to plan and implement an activity in one of the interest areas.

Special skills required/desired:  Interest in recreational & leisure-based activities such as Special Olympic sports, arts & crafts, music, an enthusiastic approach to interacting with individuals in a group setting, and good leadership skills. Available hours are flexible.

Social Services 

The intern will assist Social Service department with case management duties and prepare waiting list files for Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) review. This involves reading and summarizing records from multiple sources. The intern will complete social histories for newly admitted residents and complete social history updates for current residents. This involves summarizing records and gathering information from resident’s guardians and IDT members. The intern will also complete funding paperwork to ensure ongoing eligibility for Social Security and public aid and observe staffings and other agency meetings.

Individual must be organized, responsible, professional, and open to the learning process. Available hours are M-F 8am-4pm.



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