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Center for Experiential Learning

Service-Learning Project Management

Service-learning offers the opportunity for faculty to extend learning opportunities into the community.  When asking students to broaden their academic experience by participating in service-learning, however, there are numerous logistical issues to take into consideration.  The Center for Experiential Learning offers these tools, forms, and resources to help faculty manage these experiences successfully: 

NOTE:  If you would like the CEL staff to assign your students to particular projects for you, email a listing of project groups to servicelearning@luc.edu or include the names of students assigned to each project in the project's detailed description.

Your Name:
Your Loyola E-mail:
Course (e.g. UNIV 290) and section number(s) if appropriate:
Name of the agency your students will be serving OR project title:
In what way will your students PRIMARILY be serving the community?

As unpaid direct service providers
As pro bono consultants to a specific organization
As researchers contributing to a community-based research effort
As advocates/community educators engaging the community on issue(s) of social concern
Community-based project supervisor or primary contact NAME:
Community-based project supervisor or primary contact EMAIL:
Community-based project supervisor or primary contact PHONE:
Approximately how many hours do you anticipate students working on this project:
Primary learning objective for project:
Secondary learning objective (optional):
Tertiary learning objective (optional):
More detailed summary of students' activities in the project:

A member of the CEL staff will contact you if we have any further questions about this community-based project. How should we attempt to reach you? Phone

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