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Documenting Community Projects

Effective Fall 2012, all community-based student engagement in service-learning courses and service-learning/internship courses must be documented in LOCUS as part of validating students' fulfillment of the university's Engaged Learning requirement.  Information about students' community engagement also helps the CEL manage student risk while working in the community, and provides important data about Loyola's partnerships with Chicago-area not-for-profit organizations through experiential learning classes.

Faculty Instructors:  Use this form to submit information about community-based projects that your students are completing for a particular class.  The CEL staff will use this information to create a class-specific project template in LOCUS so that you can then quickly assign your students to the project (via your Faculty Center/Class Roster) and approve their engaged learning documentation.*  Please submit one form per project site.

*If you would prefer that the CEL staff assign students to particular projects, email a listing of project groups to or include the names of students assigned to each project in the project's detailed description. 

Important:  ONLY use this form if you have either PRE-ARRANGED or worked with students (as a class or in groups) to define one or more community-based projects for your class.  If your service-learning course design requires students to find individual volunteer positions or service-focused internships, they should be creating individual engaged learning records in LOCUS and submitting them for your approval.

Your Name:
Your Loyola E-mail:
Course (e.g. UNIV 290) and section number(s) if appropriate:
Name of the agency your students will be serving OR project title:
In what way will your students PRIMARILY be serving the community?

As unpaid direct service providers
As pro bono consultants to a specific organization
As researchers contributing to a community-based research effort
As advocates/community educators engaging the community on issue(s) of social concern
Community-based project supervisor or primary contact NAME:
Community-based project supervisor or primary contact EMAIL:
Community-based project supervisor or primary contact PHONE:
Approximately how many hours do you anticipate students working on this project:
Primary learning objective for project:
Secondary learning objective (optional):
Tertiary learning objective (optional):
More detailed summary of students' activities in the project:

A member of the CEL staff will contact you if we have any further questions about this community-based project. How should we attempt to reach you? Phone

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