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Loyola students are teaming up with PAWS to help puppies and kitties find happy homes! Going into work for Junior Biology, Pre-med student Madison Meder is always a great experience. Her volunteering position at this great organization turned into an internship compatible with the UNIV 390 service-learning class. Working 10 hours a week on Fridays and Sundays at the front desk gives Madison the chance to watch animals get placed with their new families and is very rewarding. She loves to see the families come in a few times and then finally leave with their new addition.

PAWS aims to “build no kill communities” which place every animal in a home. They are working to change the manner in which animals are valued and treated. In 2012 5,606 animals got to go to their new homes thanks to PAWS and they are looking to continue to increase these numbers.

PAWS is always looking for volunteers and individuals to fill job openings. If you are passionate about this cause, check out their website and get in contact with one of their representatives! You might even end up finding your new furry best friend!