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Center for Experiential Learning

Types of ePortfolios

An ePortfolio is a collection of work that showcases your skills, abilities, experiences, and accomplishments in a meaningful way. There are various types of ePortfolios, including:

Types of ePortfolios:

Archive/Comprehensive:Created primarily for the for the ePortfolio owner’s reference as a way to store work in a central space and organize or reflect on experiences. This can include work from personal, professional, and academic dimensions of one’s life and can serve as a holistic space for reflection and meaning-making in addition to archiving and storage.

Course/Learning:Created by a student as part of an academic course as a way to store and share assignments for evaluation and receive feedback from an instructor.

Assessment:Created by a student or program/department to demonstrate competencies and skills gained in well-defined areas over the course of a series of academic requirements. The primary purpose is to evaluate competency as defined by program standards and outcomes.

Professional/Showcase:Created with the explicit goal of sharing with professional colleagues or prospective employers in the interview or hiring process.

A hybrid of these different types of portfolios is the Integrative Portfolio, which allows a multi-dimensional focus on student learning (curricular and co-curricular), while also allowing for the assessment of learning and later transitions to professional/showcase portfolios. Through working from a course ePortfolio, students evolve to build their ePortfolio across their coursework, their experiences (curricular and co-curricular), and often feature it in capstone experiences.


Before creating an ePortfolio, it is crucial to ask questions about the purpose and audience for the ePortfolio to establish a type. This will give you guidelines on what to include and what to think about in the creative process.


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