Loyola University Chicago

ePortfolio Program

Center for Experiential Learning

Student Basics

The ePortfolio Program at Loyola University Chicago is designed to support students, faculty, and staff in the process of creating dynamic, engaging ePortfolios as a tool for teaching, learning, reflection, transformation, and assessment.

Your Folio/Web Page in TaskStream is a space for Loyola students, faculty, and staff to reflect, archive, make-meaning, foster connections, and showcase skills, experiences, abilities, and competencies.

Consider elements and features to including to make your portfolio interactive, engaging, and memorable to employers, instructors, and anyone else you choose to share your folio with. Check out the resources listed below to learn to:

  • Make your portfolio professional, streamlined, and visually appealing
  • Embed videos, photos, presentations, & documents
  • Create compelling, interactive multimedia components
  • Add features that enhance your content

Check out the The Basics page, where you can learn how to set-up/navigate Taskstream.

Also, check out the Tutorials page as well!