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What are Learning Portfolios? 

A learning portfolio (ePortfolio) is a digital collection of student work, reflections, and educational experiences that demonstrate a student’s work over time, showcasing skills, abilities, values, and experiences, in an online format.

The purpose of a learning portfolio is to:

  • Catalyze integrative learning
  • Contribute to holistic development: personal, academic, and career
  • Encourage active reflection and meaning-making within academic disciplines and on the university as a whole
  • Facilitate integration of topics and themes across disciplines and over time
  • Provide a forum to synthesizing learning and sharing work with others
  • Provide a resource for demonstrating skills, abilities, and experiences in the job-search process

A learning portfolio may include a variety of artifacts—or relevant documents and media files—that provide a holistic representation of who you are academically, personally, and/or professionally. A learning portfolio may function as a venue for collecting and sharing academic work with faculty members, a tool for inviting collaboration and feedback with your peers, or a personal account of your growth and learning process.


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Learning Portfolio Articles 

Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning

ePortfolios are a highly valuable tool for integrative learning. They can be used to facilitate deep reflection amongst its users and serve as a tool for the comprehension assessment of learning outcomes. In this article, Reynolds and Patton present big-name universities and their successful ePortfolio programs. They also explore the benefit of creating an electronic portfolio versus a hard-copy portfolio.

The Use of ePortfolios in Evaluating the Curriculum and Student Learning

Abstract: "Portfolios can foster the integration of theory, action, self-reflection, and assessment. Electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) extend this concept by acting as a 'content-management system' that facilitates the collecting, considering, sharing, and presenting of learning outcomes with and to others via a digital medium. This article describes the systematic examination of an ePortfolio application under development and illustrates its potential usefulness to not only facilitate and sess individual student learning, but also aid curricular assessment. Our evaluation uncovered organizational, curricular, learning, logistical, and technological issues involved in moving from a linear approach to teaching learning toward an integrated systems approach."