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UNIV 391: Internship Seminar in Undergraduate Research

This internship seminar course offers undergraduate students the experiential opportunity to engage in research with a faculty mentor, while building a foundation of research methods and identifying and applying the real-world implications of research. Students may be part of the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP),, or students may be conducting research independently with a faculty mentor (volunteering in a lab, working on a research team) at Loyola or another research institution. The course fulfills the university's Core Curriculum values requirement of "Understanding Civic Engagement and/or Leadership." This course will run in spring 2012.

Course Requirements & Expectations
All students must have a research project with a faculty mentor or PI identified prior to enrolling in this course. As an experiential learning course, students will need to be engaging in research with a faculty mentor concurrently to taking this course. Students must work a minimum of 5–10 hours over the semester on their research projects.

Students will reflect on their research experience in the context of understanding research paradigms, the continuum of research methodologies, understanding the  ‌implications of ethical research, application of research implications on real-world settings, and preparing to present and/or publish research professionally. This course will provide students engaged in research with the opportunity to identify either a research conference or research publication of interest and to develop a research proposal to submit.

Students will develop project proposals and research posters, as if preparing to present their research in a professional setting and will complete reflections and electronic portfolios for this course. Students are expected to present their research posters at Loyola’s Undergraduate Research Symposium which will take place during the Weekend of Excellence, April 20-22, 2012.

Course Learning Goals
As a result of engaging in this course, students will have the opportunity to develop their capacities in the following areas: foundational knowledge of terms and concepts in various research paradigms, the application of course material to real research projects, the integration of topics and concepts in this course with lived experiences and material covered in other academic disciplines, the human dimension and ethical dimension implicit in research and applied to real world settings and issues, and the capacity to develop an awareness of one’s own curiosities, skills, and learning styles in order to effectively, intentionally, and meta-cognitively learn how to learn. Other benefits of undergraduate research can also be expected from the experience.

Registration Requirements
Before being extended permission to register for the class, students must contact Kelly Christopher, Program Manager for Undergraduate Research to discuss their proposed research project and to obtain permission to enroll. Note that finding an appropriate research project and faculty mentor for UNIV 391 class is the student's responsibility. Ms. Christopher is happy to discuss options and opportunities. Once permission has been granted, the student is still responsible for registering for the class (using LOCUS). 


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