Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

Writing Instructors

Omer Hadziselimovic

Title/s: Adjunct Professor

Specialty Area: Composition, American studies, comparative literature, travel writing

Office #: Crown Center 434

Phone: 88495

E-mail: ohadzis@luc.edu


B.A., U. of Sarajevo, Bosnia (1970); M.A., Oberlin College (1972); Ph.D., U. of Sarajevo (1978)

Research Interests

Freshman Composition; American Studies; Comparative Literature; Travel Writing

Selected Publications

"Doctorow in Belgrade, 1988." Interview with E.L. Doctorow. Web.    www.ebibliotekos.com.

 Larkin, Philip. "Filip Larkin: Izabrane pjesme." Translation of 33 poems with Marko           Vešović.  Sarajevske sveske (Sarajevo Notebook), 37-38, 2012, 423-454.  Print.                (Web: http://www.sveske.ba/bs/content/filip-larkin-izabrane-pjesme).

 Vešović, Marko.  Polish Cavalry.  Translation with Z. Radeljković.  Sarajevo: Akademija nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine, 2011. Print.

 Auden, W. H.  Nek mi povijest sudi: Izabrane pjesme (Let History Be My Judge: Selected Poems).  Translated with Marko Udovičić [Vešović].  Cetinje: Otvoreni kulturni         forum,             2010.  Print.

 “An Immigrant’s Deal: Two Lives for the Price of One.” Common Boundary, ed. Gregory F. Tague, Brooklyn, NY: Editions Bibliotekos, 2010, 147-158.  Print.

 “Plagiarism between Orientalism and Balkanism: Anthony Rhodes and Bosnia.”  East       European Quarterly 41.2 (2007): 149-166.  Print.

(With Z. Radeljkovic), "Susan Sontag: Literature is What Should Be Read Twice." Interview with S. Sontag, Sarajevo, April 10, 1993.Novi Izraz, 7. 27-28 (2005): 124-132 [In Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian].

"Travelogue as a Dark Pastoral: Louis Adamic's The Native's Return." An American Scholar in Sarajevo: Papers Honoring Prof. Zvonimir Radeljkovic on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday. Ed. Srebren Dizdar. Sarajevo: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, Special Editions 7 (2003): 95-100.

"Balkans." Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia. Ed. Jennifer Speake. New York: Fitzroy Dearborn-Taylor & Francis, 2003. Vol. One, 67-71.

"Snowy Domes and Gay Turbans: American Travelers on Bosnia, 1897-1941." East European Quarterly 36.1 (2002): 27-38.

 Editor, At the Gates of the East: British Travel Writers on Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Centuries. Boulder, Colo.: East European Monographs, 2001.

Book on British travelers in Bosnia in early twentieth century.