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Graduate Assistantships

Each year, the department offers a number of graduate assistantships to new and continuing doctoral students. Assistantships pay a stipend (currently $16,500), cover the full cost of tuition, and provide health insurance as well. These assistantships are renewable for up to 5 years, provided students remain in good standing and fulfill the duties of the assistantship. Further support for doctoral study after 5 years is available in the form of university graduate assistantships and Schmitt Dissertation Fellowships.

Loyola's graduate assistantship program differs in significant ways from similar programs at many other universities, particularly in terms of the duties students perform as part of their assistantships. At many universities, graduate assistants are immediately required to teach one and sometimes two sections of composition, even though they may have no teaching experience or training. At the same time, they must pursue coursework and sometimes attend workshops to supplement their lack of teaching experience.

At Loyola, we believe that both graduate assistants and undergraduate students taking composition deserve better treatment. A Ph.D. student with little or no experience who is awarded an assistantship at Loyola enters a four-year program that offers preparation for teaching, experience in teaching composition, and opportunities to teach literature and cooperate with faculty members on research projects. (For students entering with the M.A. degree, the assistantship is normally renewable for a total of three years.)

Our assistantship program diversifies the training offered to graduate students. It is designed to allow graduate assistants to concentrate on their coursework as they acquire training in several different kinds of scholarly and professional activities:

Because we believe that graduate assistants are students, not part-time instructors, we have structured our Ph.D. course requirements so that students can put their coursework and their development as scholars first, completing all courses and the Ph.D. exam, and drafting a dissertation proposal, in four years.


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