Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

Sample Course Offerings - Medieval and Renaissance

ENGL 444-802: Medieval Drama: Truth & Torture - Dr. Allen Frantzen

We will study the role of torture and truth in various dramatic modes, ranging from Old English dialogues (read in translation) and to court dramas of the Tudor period. We will examine traditional forms (liturgical drama, cycle plays, morality plays, etc.) and  focus on the shifting intersection of drama with modes of violence--defining violence broadly to include violence to the self, torture, and judicial punishment.

ENGL 440: Disability and Marginality in Medieval England and France  - Dr. Edward Wheatley

This course will focus on disabled bodies and the cultural forces that acted upon them, as represented in a variety of types of early Christian and medieval texts in Latin, French, and English. We will devote special attention to blindness because of its strong metaphorical associations in medieval Christian discourse.

ENGL 455: Shakespeare and Gender - Dr. Suzanne Gossett

This course will focus on the dramatic construction of gender in Shakespeare’s plays and examine the variety of theories and modes of inquiry used by critics over the last thirty years to analyze and explain that construction. We will read a number of key essays in gender theory, as well as critical essays that use such theories in interpreting Shakespeare’s plays, and consider the “real” history of gender in the period.

ENGL 458: Milton- Dr. Christopher Kendrick

The seminar will cover Milton’s early poetry as presented in his 1645 Poems; the great Restoration works (Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, and Samson Agonistes); and three of his political pamphlets (Areopagitica, The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, and A Treatise of Civil Power). We will discuss the thematics of sexuality, politics, and religion, and pay special attention to matters of genre and style, in Milton's works.