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Jon Nilson:  The African American storefront churches are often ignored and even scorned by both white and black questions on account of their emotional worship and lack of theological sophistication. Yet liberation theology rightly demands listening to the poor and marginalized and learning from their insights. This project aims to do precisely that.  John S. Dunne (died 11/11/13) authored at last count 18 books. Yet this body of work does not seem to fit into any of theology's conventional categories and so go is nearly unnoticed in the theological guild. This project seeks to assess the meaning of Dunne's writings as a whole and to determine his importance for contemporary theology.

Jeffry Mallow: Research on supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Research on students' attitudes toward and fear of science. The work is binational. I am co-authoring a handbook for science teachers on this subject with a Danish colleague.  Research on the role of constructivism in science education.  Research on gender and science anxiety. Lecturer on this subject for the annual WSGS colloquium series.  Research on archaic Hebrew and Aramic components of modern Yiddish

Robert Bireley, S.J.   My book, Ferdinand II, Counter-Reformation 1578-1637, was published last week by Cambridge U.P.   Other projects :  "Early Modern Catholicism in the Catholic Historical Review," for the Centennial issue of the CHR;  "The Religious Movements of the Sixteenth Century as Responses to a Changing World," paper given at Louvain December 2013 to be published in the Proceedings of the Conference;   "Theology, War, and Politics, (Catholic Perspective,)" for a volume Theology during the Reformation Era, to be published by Cambridge U.P."   An encyclopedia article on preaching during the Early Modern Period

Mary Ann McDermott: Rome Course: Caring for yourself and others through the arts for nurse leaders March 2015; Hektoen Nurses and the Humanities: Ongoing programs-Poetry Fdn Feb 21, 2015; Nurse Educator Hines VA Hospital Nurse Residency Program; Nursing Education Indonesia.

Marilyn SusmanBest Practices in Counseling Supervision:  Working along with the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis, I am providing supervision to candidates in the program and developing a teaching module for directors of clinical training at agencies, hospitals, clinics and counseling centers on how to do supervision.  Research projects on supervisory competency are in development.

Marilyn Susman: Developing a Center for School Counseling at Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta Indonesia:  Working along with the Guidance and Counseling Faculty at Sanata Dharma University and with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, I am a consultant and trainer to promote continuing training for school counselors in Indonesia.  The consultation and training involves:  development of a mission and goals for the center, marketing the program, developing training modules to meet the needs of school counselors, developing tools to assess counselor competency and the program’s efficacy.

Peter Gilmour:  developing a first ever comprehensive catalog of Loyola University Chicago graduates who have published books.  This catalog includes fiction and non-fiction, commercially and self-published, co-authored, edited and illustrated books, print or electronic.  Thus far, more than 200 alumni authors who have produced more than 750 books have been identified.  This catalog is an official project of the Friends of the Loyola Libraries Board.  The catalog is updated regularly.   The Loyola University Chicago Alumni Authors Catalog is available online at http://blogs.lib.luc.edu/friends/alumni-authors/   Or, go to the Libraries Home Page (http://libraries.luc.edu/) and click on “Friends of the Libraries” under the “About” column.  In the upper right hand corner of the next screen, click on “Alumni Authors.”  Your assistance in identifying alumni not in the catalog who have published books would be greatly appreciated.  Submissions may be sent to Peter Gilmour at pgilmou@luc.edu

Francis Catania:  completing a manuscript, Conversations with Aquinas on Sex and Gender, Marriage and Love, seeking a publisher.

Nick Patricca: I am working on a new play, CHASING THE WIND, about Langston Hughes, Ted Poston, Emma Harris, and Silan Chen, among other notables.  CHASING presents the experiences of these Negro/Colored artists and writers as their dreams encounter the realities of Stalin's Moscow and the Soviet Union. The time is 1932-34.  Harlem Renaissance jazz poetry/music forms the structure, language, and tone of the play.

I am also working on a book of plays for study and performance about the experiences of migrants crossing borders.  The plays, ranging from ten minutes to one hour, are scripted by the migrants themselves with the assistance of theatre artists, or are developed by writers from migrant narrratives.

Jean Unsworth: I have started posting haikus and other art forms on Instagram with my website name JMUARTS.  The app for Instagram is free.  I invite you to share this with me.  Hope to see you there.

Ray Benton: I have a paper that deals with the history of “sustainability.”  More accurately, it is a paper that deals with the history of the issues and concerns that fall under that umbrella term: sustainability. A second paper follows the first, a sort of Part II.  It will ague that sustainability, given the historical issues and concerns, is a concept whose time is past.  It is simply too late for sustainability.  We need something else, instead. 

I am also in the middle of editing a special issue of the Journal of Macromarketing on Religion and Macromarketing.  Anticipated publication date for this issue in fall, 2016.  I will see this project through to completion. And  I am beginning a project with a young Spanish scholar having to do with the importance, for the subfield of macromarketing, of the economic thought of Karl Polanyi, the Hungarian Economist.  Polanyi, who wrote The Great Transformation (1944), has been largely ignored by macromarketers and it is our contention that he should be theoretically central to the subfield field of macromarketing. 

I have a couple of books to write.  One is on environmental ethics, the proposal for which is under consideration by a publisher.  The second is tentatively titled Galbraith and Glasser: Two Scotsmen, One Misunderstood, the Other Unknown.  Galbraith is, of course, the Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith.  Glasser is Ralph Glasser, in his early years a marketer in the UK.  As a book it would be intended for marketers, not economists.  I contend that those marketers that rejected Galbraith did so because they misunderstood him.  Glasser is not unknown, but he is unknown among marketers, both in the UK and the US, despite his first two books being marketing books.  What I find particularly interesting is that Galbraith and Glasser spoke as though with a single voice.  It is entirely possible this may end up being nothing more than a journal publication.

I will continue to periodically, even if infrequently, post to my blog, the Sustainability and Social Enterprise Blog (http://blogs.luc.edu/gsb/author/rbenton/).   So many things to do!  Finally, some time to do them. 

Nicholas Patricca: Has published an E-Book entitled PEGGY ROACH; ONE WOMAN'S JOURNEY/ A NATION'S PROGRESS.  His project was undertaken in collaboration with Loyola's Gannon Center for Women and Leadership.  Nick's text is available at: http://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/gannon/pdfs/PeggyRoach.pdf