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Father Leonardo Winandoko

Father Leonardo Winandoko
M.Ed. Instructional Leadership (2009)
Country of Origin
Current Location

What inspired you to be an educator?

Teaching is a valuable thing. Though most of the time it demands my energy, thought, time, and other efforts, I was and am inspired by various outstanding teachers throughout the world.

The Jesuits inspired me to be an educator. They are very good in teaching young people to be leaders and agents of change. They have famous schools in our country.

The situation in my country also inspired me to be an educator. Only the wealthy people who want to are able to go to school. The understanding of the need for education does not stay in the mind of the outcast and the poor. I was called to teach.

What are the greatest educational needs in your country?

My country needs education for its educators and there is a serious need for professional development for teachers and lecturers. We need the essential understanding of giving education to our people. There is also a strong need for good and helpful educational management. Our young people need to be provided with a basic education and Indonesia needs to understand educational justice for all, especially those in unlucky conditions.

How has what you learned at Loyola positively impacted your work?

Loyola’s environment allows the professors to be friendly and open while having high expectations for the students to perform their best. There is a great culture to study and we are all pushed to achieve at a higher level. I took the lessons I learned about management with me to treat my teachers and students in the same way I was treated at Loyola. Loyola also reminded me of the many ways spiritual aspects come into our daily lives and I was impacted by the strong vision and mission offered to the students.