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“Education in Small States: Fragility, Vulnerabilities and Strengths”


‌In collaboration with past and current masters and doctoral students in the Cultural Educational and Policy Studies (CEPS) program, Beth Wright, Landis Fryer, Sophia Rodriguez, Terry Han, Yao Chen, Brad Kirshenbaum (MA '12), Joy O'Keefe and Patricia Castillo (MEd '12) together with Andrew Shiotani, (ABD, Teachers College University and Managing Editor and the Center for Comparative Education successfully undertaken and executed the leadership of a full Special Issue on “Education in Small States: Fragility, Vulnerabilities and Strengths” for Current Issues in Comparative and International Education (CICE) Journal. CICE, founded in 1997 by doctoral students from Teachers College's Department of International and Transcultural Studies, is grounded in a multifaceted conception of comparative education and addresses changes in world politics, economic markets and the social milieu as they effect education. CICE, which has the same repetition as the Harvard Review in the field of comparative and international education, is respected as source for cutting-edge debate in the field.

Dr. Tavis D. Jules (CEPS faculty), stated, "I am honored to have worked as the Special Issue Editor for Volume 15 with our talented graduate students and thank them for their unselfish commitment and dedication during the past 14 months of many many long long nights and weekends of hard work."

Peter Lang Publishers has asked Dr. Jules and Dr. Patrick Ressler (Humboldt University) to compile an edited volume on examining issues of smallness that were not covered in this extensive Special Issue.

CICE Volume 15(1) is available online