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Criminal Background Check for Licensure

Policies and Procedures for Submission of Background Check

Loyola University Chicago (LUC) requires that all candidates placed in a school  for field experience pass an Illinois State Police and FBI fingerprint background check. This is consistent with state law that requires Illinois school districts to conduct criminal background investigations of applicants for licensed and non-licensed positions. A candidate whose background check results in a status of "no record" may be placed in the schools. Students placed in a community agency may also be required to pass a background check.

Candidates cannot begin any field experiences without a “passed” background check. Candidates are responsible for all fees connected with this procedure. Loyola University Chicago will not accept criminal background check reports from sources other than Accurate Biometrics.

Candidates may be requested to complete an additional background check prior to student teaching, practicum or internship.

A candidate may not be placed in any school or community agency if the background check determines that he or she has been convicted of criminal behavior that, by law, automatically prohibits him or her from attaining Illinois licensure.

The offenses that automatically prohibit certification include first degree murder, any Class X felony, juvenile pimping, soliciting a juvenile prostitute, exploitation of a child, obscenity, child pornography, criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, aggravated criminal sexual abuse, some offenses set forth in the Cannabis Control Act, and some crimes defined in the Illinois Controlled Substances Act.

In the event that no district will accept a candidate because of his/her criminal history, the School of Education will assist the candidate in choosing an alternative course of study.

Candidates in Teacher Education Programs or a Course Requiring Field Experiences

Candidate in an undergraduate teacher education credentialing program or enrolled in a single course that requires a field experience component, MUST complete the Chicago Public Schools (CPS)  clearance process for Field Experience.

Candidates not complying will be dropped from the course(s). 

Follow CPS instructions and use the form under the heading: HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR BACKGROUND RESULTS. Select the option how to get your fingerprints taken.

CPS will notify Loyola that you have completed the process.

All students must complete the Background Check by the Friday of the first week of classes.