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Know Your Rights

The following information serves as a tool to guide you and help you understand the pathway to achieve U.S. residency and citizenship.  Furthermore, you will find information about the civil rights and liberties that all humans have under the constitution. Please take a look below.  

Residency Map

Check out what it takes to become a U.S. Resident or Citizens by following this infographic: U.S.Residency and Citizenship Map

Civil Liberties and Rights when stopped by a police, immigration official, or the FBI:



Create A Plan

Home Raids

If In Immigration Detention:

For mor information about civil liberties and rights please visit  American Civil Liberties Union 

If you would like to print a pocket sized know your rights sheet please access it here What do you if your stopped by the police,immigration, FBI‌ if you would like one is spanish please access it here What to do if stopped by a police, immigration, FBI (Spanish).  



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