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Paige Gardner


 Program Coordinator


Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES), Empowerment Pipeline, & Social Justice Dinner Dialogues



She, Her, Hers

Paige currently serves as a Program Coordinator and works closely with programs that focus on leadership development, advocacy and outreach through various programs provided in SDMA.  The Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES) is a program that serves all women of color and fosters an environment where Sistership, Scholarship and Leadership is highly valued.

Paige also oversees the Empowerment Pipeline program which serves as a high school outreach program in the Rogers Park neighborhood. This program is currently a part of the Multicultural Learning Community in Fairfield and Simpson residence hall where advocates are carefully selected to facilitate college preparedness programs to neighboring high school in the community.

Lastly Paige oversees the Social Justice Dinner Dialogues, which are a space open to all residents, faculty and staff to learn more about themselves and the surrounding community. This program calls for program proposals to be submitted from student organizations and campus departments on campus. SDMA will provide a full dinner and space for learning to take place.

Prior to joining Loyola University community, Paige graduated from Seattle University with a Master of Education in the Student Development Administration program. Her professional interests lie in supporting students in their discernment process while on their educational journey.