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Printing In Our Labs

From April 20, 2014 through May 31, 2014, Digital Media Services will be piloting the opportunity to print using 100% recycled paper and soy-based toner. To learn more about this pilot program and to participate in our survey, click here.

Printing from a multimedia lab computer

Printwise Uniprint is the campus-wide print solution available in multimedia computer labs. This allows for greater control and security of print documents in addition paper waste at the University. The program provides fast, secure, cost-effective and a quality printing experience. For a complete list of our multimedia lab locations, printers and other services, refer to the Visit Our Labs section.

It is recommended all users review the Print Preview for documents and web print outs to ensure the proper content is being printed and there are no blank pages at the end. When you print, a Print Job Details dialog box will prompt asking for a Name and Password. This is specific to that individual print out and there are no restrictions on what may be entered here, as long as it is at least one character long, then click Print. A message in the system tray will appear indicating how many pages were sent to the printer and the cost of the print job.

Visit any printer in that multimedia lab location and swipe your Loyola ID at the touch screen release station. Jobs will populate, sorted by date and the username that was logged into the workstation. Select the print job with the name you previously chose and enter the password associated to it (if you printing using OnePrint it will also prompt for your username). The cost will be listed prior to clicking print at the release station, if this is correct and you have sufficient funds, click Done to release the print job from that printer. If this job was erroneous or you wish to cancel it, click Cancel and it will be removed from the print queue without any deduction from your Loyola ID. If the print job has not been released after two hours, it will automatically be deleted from the print queue.

Single-Sided and Duplex Printing

All standard black and white printers in the multimedia labs have the ability to print double-sided (duplex). As this method reduces paper waste and supplies, the cost to print is reduced from that of printing two singled-sided sheets. Duplex printing is the default print option but may be changed in the Print Properties prior to finalizing your print job. To print duplex from a PC, select File > Print, select Print Properties and select the Flip Over or Flip Up option. From a Mac in the Print menu, change Copies & Pages to Layout, and select Long or Short Edge. At the printer, do not touch the sheets until the complete job has finished printing to avoid any jams. If you prefer to print single-sided (simplex), you may follow these steps to change the layout to single sided as detailed in the print properties sections.

Intellectual property and copyright policy guidelines

In addition to the policies and procedures listed on our Policies and Procedures section, all users of Digital Media Services are bound by the following policies and guidelines as established by Information Technology Services at Loyola University Chicago. For more information on copyright policies and laws, you may visit the following links: