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Accessing the Program

To reserve, borrow and/or return equipment, clients must present a valid Loyola University Chicago (LUC) ID card and be currently enrolled in classes during the current academic term, quarter or semester, as a student. Currently employed faculty or staff may use the Equipment Loan Program (ELP) in order to support University business. LUC Alumni and community access members do not have access to the ELP.

Loss or damage of equipment while on loan and/or returning equipment late may result in being blocked from reserving or checking out equipment from DMS. Additional conditions for this policy are related to a client’s status at the University:


Faculty & Staff

Any client with fines or fees due to Digital Media Services (DMS), Instructional Technology and Research Support (ITRS) or Information Technology Services (ITS) will not be permitted to participate in any of the Equipment Loan Programs, including making future reservations, sponsored by Information Technology Services. Clients will be permitted to participate once their fines and/or fees are paid in full and/or any existing blocks or holds have expired. Similar to course registration blocks, the Office of the Bursar may also request that access to the Loan Program is restricted for clients with outstanding balances due to the University.


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