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Equipment Loan Program Resource Guide

Digital Media Service has compiled the following Resource Guide to detail the full policies and procedures of the Equipment Loan Program. This Guide also contains an introduction to the Loan Program and instructions on accessing and utilizing the Reservation System:


Online advance reservations are highly recommended, as equipment is often reserved days or weeks in advance. When a client makes a reservation using our online system, they will establish a specific pickup and return date/time. Reservations are not accepted over the telephone or via e-mail.

Reservations cannot be transferred to another individual. nor  Clients may not reserve equipment in their own name for pick-up by other clients, as the client reserving/checking-out the equipment (and signing the contract) will be held responsible and solely liable for the equipment.


A reservation does not automatically renew equipment already on loan. To renew equipment, a client must make a reservation for the equipment, visit a service location and sign a new Equipment Loan Contract.


The following are exceptions that may lead to a reservation cancellation or the inability to pick-up equipment: UNAVAILABLE EQUIPMENT

Clients using the Equipment Loan Program rely on equipment being available for on-time pick-up. When a client makes make a reservation using our online system, they will establish a specific pickup and return date/time. This does not account for clients who do not return equipment on time or unexpected damage. If available, a client may be provided alternative equipment if the items they have reserved are not available. LATE ARRIVAL FOR PICK-UP 

Clients have a forty-five (45) minute grace period to pick-up equipment that is reserved. If a client reserves equipment and is more than forty-five (45) minutes late for pick-up, their reservation will automatically be cancelled by our reservation system.

Tip: If a client is running late for an equipment pick-up, they are encouraged to visit the reservation system within the forty-five (45) minute grace period and update their pick-up time. This will prevent a client’s reservation from being cancelled. UNAVAILABLE TO PICK-UP A RESERVATION

If a client is unable to make their reservation pickup time, a client is advised to cancel their reservation using our reservation system. This will allow other clients may check out the equipment. EQUIPMENT USAGE LIMITS

Some categories of equipment may have limitations on the total number of items and/or total hours of semester usage that are available for use per client. Currently, the following categories of equipment have limits in place to ensure availability for students:

Equipment CategoryMaximum Usage Hours per Semester
Laptops (Mac and PC - Long Term)* 600 Hours
Apple iPads (Version 1, 2, Mini) 600 Hours

*Short-Term Loan (under three hours) laptops do not have a usage limit, as they are available on a first-come-first-served basis. SHORT-TERM LOAN EQUIPMENT

Reservations for short-term loan equipment are not available. Short-term loan equipment is available on a first-come-first-served basis and does not apply to total hours of use limitations.


Some equipment may require training or approval prior to receiving a confirmed reservation. Items that require training are indicated in the “Browse Equipment” section of our site. Please review all notices during the reservation process to ensure a smooth and expeditious checkout experience.


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