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Equipment Loan Program Policies Change Log

Digital Media Services reviews the Equipment Loan Policies and Procedures on a semesterly basis. In order to provide transparency regarding the changes, the following change log details the individual changes to the contract:

July 28, 2014 - Modifications for 2014-2015 Academic Year (2.1.0)

January 11, 2014 - Original Version (2.0.1)


Notifications from Digital Media Services are a courtesy to inform clients of equipment activity against their account. Clients may request a copy of the Equipment Loan Contract at the time of loan.

2.2.1. E-MAIL

E-mail notifications are a courtesy service to inform clients of equipment activity against their account. As a reminder:

The University considers electronic mail, using the official “@luc.edu” email address that is provided by the University to every enrolled student, an official form of communication between the University and the student. Students are responsible for all communications sent to their Loyola email accounts from a University official. (Community Standards 43)

If a client forwards their University e-mail, please note that these messages may be delayed, or even blocked, depending on their service provider. If a notification is not received, be sure to check the “junk” folder to see if the notification is interpreted as SPAM. An easy way to avoid this is to mark the following as trusted email sources: 

The following email notifications will be sent to a client’s Loyola University Chicago e-mail account:


A client may be contacted by a member of the Digital Media Services team at their primary contact telephone number to discuss overdue equipment that is impacting another client’s reservation. As email is an official form of University communication, these calls are not a requirement. Equipment that is not returned by the specified return time is subject to the overall policies and procedures document.


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