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Equipment Loan Program Resource Guide

Digital Media Service has compiled the following Resource Guide to detail the full policies and procedures of the Equipment Loan Program. This Guide also contains an introduction to the Loan Program and instructions on accessing and utilizing the Reservation System:


All fines - excluding those to which have been assumed, for lost, stolen, unreturned or damaged equipment - after posting, may be appealed to Digital Media Services only within fifteen (15) days of receiving notification. After the fifteen (15) day review period, appeal requests will not be granted. 


In order to request a fine appeal from Digital Media Services-incurred fines, the following conditions must be met: 

  1. All equipment and components must to be returned to the respective Digital Media Services location;
  2. An email notification from digitalmediaservices@luc.edu has been received to a client’s Loyola University Chicago inbox with information regarding their fine; and
  3. The fine that is being appealed is currently unpaid and within 15 days of the above e-mailed notice.


As a reminder, fine appeals that are submitted based on the following criteria may be declined as they are indicated in the original equipment contract: UNAWARE OF THE DUE DATE/TIME OF MY EQUIPMENT LOAN

Clients are responsible for verifying all items on their contract are accounted for in any equipment loan prior to leaving the Lab or the checkout process. After signing an Equipment Loan Contract, a client is responsible and solely liable for all items listed on said contract. If an item is not returned or is lost, they will be billed to the client as a fine for the full MSRP. APPEAL SUBMITTED OUTSIDE OF THE 15 DAY NOTIFICATION PERIOD

All fines - excluding those to which have been assumed - after posting, may be appealed only within fifteen (15) days of receiving notification. ASSUMED EQUIPMENT WAS RENEWED BY CREATING A NEW RESERVATION

Renewal requests received through email or telephone will not be accepted. All equipment must be returned to the specified Digital Media Lab by the assigned date and time on a client's signed contract. In order to renew equipment, a new reservation must be made and the equipment must be returned to verify the equipment and print a new contract. UNABLE TO RETURN MY EQUIPMENT TO LAKE SHORE OR WATER TOWER

Items that are returned after their assigned time will result in the client receiving an overdue fine for the total time that the equipment is late. THE FINE VALUE IS TOO HIGH

All fine values are provided at the time of loan on the signed contract. There is no maximum fine for overdue equipment; however, the policies regarding fines and how they are applied may be reviewed in this document. EQUIPMENT RETURNED LATE ON BEHALF OF ANOTHER CLIENT

Digital Media Services does accept returns from other Loyola University Chicago student, faculty or staff members; however, if equipment is returned on a client’s behalf, the condition of all contents are accepted by the original borrower and may not be appealed. This is because the condition of the equipment cannot be guaranteed between when the equipment is not in the possession of Digital Media Services or the primary borrower. EQUIPMENT WAS NOT RESERVED WHILE MY LOAN WAS OVERDUE

Regardless of whether reservations were made for the specific equipment overdue, the lack of availability of the resource has an impact on client’s attempting to reserve equipment or make a walk-up equipment loan. Fines will not be waived due to the lack of, or presence of, reservations for the specific equipment item.


The following steps should be followed to appeal an assessed Digital Media Services fine: STEP 1 - SUBMIT AN APPEAL ONLINE

Fine appeals must be submitted online and are not accepted over the phone, through email or in written form. To submit an appeal visit MyITS: https://myits.luc.edu/fineappeal. An appeal request does not guarantee that a client’s appeal will be granted or denied, as all requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES REVIEW COMMITTEE ASSESSES THE APPEAL

The Review Committee, comprised of the Lake Shore and Water Tower Campus Digital Media Specialists, will evaluate the appeal in consideration of this overall Guide and determine the validity and accuracy of the fine. Commonly declined fine appeals are provided for a client’s reference in section 2.8.2. “Commonly Declined Appeal Requests.”

During the review process, the Committee may request documentation to support a client’s appeal or include, as necessary, other Digital Media Services/Information Technology Services/University staff members for consultation. NOTIFICATION PROVIDED REGARDING THE APPEAL STATUS

The client will be notified of the status of their appeal via e-mail within three (3) business days.


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