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Digital Media Services is able to provide access to a wide variety of equipment, including high-end or professional-grade resources. Based on the complexity, range of features and high costs, we strive to provide online, self-paced training resources to educate on the features and to better avoid cost of repair or replacement if misused or damaged during loan. Upon successful review of our medi and completion of our online training assessments with a 100% passing score, full time staff will be able to review and authorize individuals to reserve and checkout the related equipment.

Our training video resources are available publicly on Loyola Media. This affords users the ability to assess the time commitment needed to watch the training in preparation for the online assessment, but also the ability to return to the videos later for ease of review. The training assessments are hosted in our Adobe Connect Training Catalog environment. This affords great ability to provide online learning content, assessment and reporting metrics. The steps below outline the use of these two systems in order to successfully complete training.

Step 1: Review Training Videos

Visit our our Equipment Authorization Videos channel on Loyola Media to review the associated equipment training videos. This can also be found by visiting Loyola Media and navigating the left-hand menu to Resources > Digital Media > Equipment Authorization Videos. Note that you do not need to login to Loyola Media to access and view these videos.

Step 2: Adobe Connect Assessments

After viewing the training videos, login to Adobe Connect. You will need to navigate to the Training Catalog to self-enroll in the Equipment Loan Program Training. You will be required to pass all assessments with a score of 100% for that specific piece of equipment before authorization to the equipment can be granted. To enroll in the training, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Adobe Connect with your University Network ID (UVID) and Password.
  2. From the Connect Central page, near the center click the Training Catalog tab.
  3. From the Training Catalog menu on the left, drill-down the folder structure to Training Catalog > Digital Media Services > Equipment Loan Program Training.
  4. From the Name column, select the equipment you wish to enroll in.
  5. After selecting the equipment, the description information on the right-hand side will provide more information on the resource. Click the green Enroll button to self-enroll in this training.
  6. If the training resources and assessment does not automatically pop-up in a new window, click the My Training tab just beside the Training Catalog tab and click the green Open button.

The training assessments within Adobe Connect will ask several questions based on the content presented in the training videos. You are welcome to retake the assessment as many times as necessary to achieve a 100% passing score.

Step 3: Assessment Review and Access

Upon successful completion of the Adobe Connect Training Catalog assessments, Digital Media Services full-time staff will review the reports within our systems to provide access to view the equipment in the Equipment Reservation System and authorization access to checkout the equipment moving forward in the future. Due to the nature of this system, our Digital Media Advisor student worker staff do not have the ability to review these scores and provide authorization access. Access will be granted within 2 business days upon completion of the assessment.

Authorization Access will be granted within the next two business days (Monday through Friday, excluding University Holidays).

We strongly recommend planning in advance as these online training videos and assessments can take 15-30 minutes each. Assessment completion, review and granting authorization access cannot be automated, so it may take up to two business days. Once authorization has been granted, you do not need to re-take training for that equipment again. We do however advise to our clients to plan in advance and reserve the equipment to best ensure it's availability.

List of Equipment Requiring Authorization

The list below details all equipment that requires authorization to access and circulate the equipment:

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Camcorder
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera
  • Manfrotto 90cm Tripod
  • Camcorders (both training video and assessment are hosted in Adobe Connect)