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Fine Arts - Advising

Declaring a Major or Minor Students who wish to major or minor in Fine Arts should make an appointment with the Director of Fine Arts, Nicole Ferentz. The director will sign the student’s major/minor declaration form (to be taken to the Sullivan Center), help work out a schedule, assign an advisor in the student’s area of study, and answer any questions the student may have.

A word of advice to all majors and minors: take foundations courses first, moving up to your specific area of study. Take sequenced courses (i.e. I, II, III) in that sequence. See your
advisor or the director if your schedule can’t be worked out in a logical sequence.

Course Requirements

Click here for a list of courses needed to complete all Fine Arts majors and minors.

Click here for all Fine Arts major and minor tracking sheets.

Credits needed to complete Major: 42

Credits needed to complete Minor: 18


Substitutions are occasionally allowed when it is difficult to fulfill the requirements,
but you must see the Director for permission.

Independent Study/Rehearsal & Performance/Practicum in Design Student Agreement

Rome Center or study abroad

Caution: Very few studio art courses are offered at Rome Center. Those that are offered are usually FNAR 113, 114, or 124. Students should plan to do core and electives as much as possible. Art History courses at Rome are usually not those required by most fine arts majors (i.e. 200, 201, or 202).

Study abroad courses require prior approval in order to count for the major. Submit a course description and syllabus (if possible) so the director can determine if the course is equivalent to a major/minor requirement.

Summer School

Summer courses at other schools require prior approval to count for the major. There should be a good reason to take it elsewhere: for example, if the student is close to graduation. Submit a course description and syllabus (if possible) so the director can determine if the course is equivalent to a major/minor requirement.

Advanced Placement

Student must have scored a 4 or 5 on AP studio art portfolio to get 3 FNAR credit hours. Credit and advanced placement are based on evaluation of the student’s portfolio by the department. Submit portfolio or slides and score to the director for review.

Double major, major/minor in FNAR

A double FNAR major is possible among Visual Communication, Art History, and Studio Art, but not within the three concentrations that make up Studio Art (i.e. drawing & painting,  photography, ceramics). Department policy is that a maximum of three courses can count towards both majors.

A major/minor combination among Visual Communication, Studio Art, and Art History is also possible- a maximum of 2 courses can count towards both.


The DFPA has spent the last few weeks finalizing the spring 2014 class schedule and we’re ready for a great semester with all of you. In order to ensure you make the most out of registration, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and tricks.

  • Our main office is open Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM. You can reach us on the twelfth floor of Mundelein in Suite 1200 (the office suite to the left of the elevators, past the restrooms). Our main office line is 773.508.7510 or DFPA@LUC.edu.
  • Your academic advisor is listed in LOCUS and you should have scheduled an appointment by now to speak with your advisor. If you need assistance with advising, please contact DFPA@LUC.edu.
  • First and Second Year Advising has amassed tons of helpful documents and materials for you to peruse on their website. Check it out! They also offer Walk-In Advising from 9AM-3PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Academic information about each of our programs (including up-to-date tracking sheets) are located on our website. Additionally, contact information for our faculty members is available for your convenience.
  • Have any general questions about the department or our classes? Feel free to contact our Office Assistant, James Dunford. He can be reached at 773.508.3830.